Ferno's Epic Idea- Hell Fire Armor

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Defense- 30%
Max Health- 20%
Crit Chance- 10%

Chance to deal a 3x damage AOE attack on enemies. Will Wildfire Burn the target enemy and Burn the rest of the enemies. All allies will deal 2x damage to enemies with any fire debuf.

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  • this is cool, although i think that the crit strike should be 10%

    and maybe fireborn can be (Bleep)born, or epic fireborn

    BleepBorn would also make him have the demon tag (Maybe make Malice viable by this alone?)

    epic Firerborn would make the enemies deal double damage to enemies too... maybe add lifesteal for green allies???
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  • Oh shoot ur right about the 10%. That should say 10% ill change it
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