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    Huh? Do you think you are getting easier towers? “Bulldozing” to the top is not an oft-heard description of the current state of the tower on the forums.

    I had one tower with more than 6 barb floors so far. Most of the time, it's 5 or less. I can finish the tower perfectly probably 3-4 times a week. The rest of the days, I lose a handful of insignificant heroes. It's never really been close.

    @xandrew29 - I have full superior legendary or better on at least 30 heroes. My cannon fodder is wearing greater legendary. I have spare superior legendary sitting in my inventory.

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    A hard tower is fun, what is not fun is the tower bugs that have existed for many months. Opponents bugily resurrecting after making two attempts at a floor is particularly annoying now. Revamps are nice, strange you cannot fix known issues at the same time. Little wonder the community thinks all this is about a cash grab.
  • It's not that some teams can't be beaten it's that you can't beat 5-6 of the exact same team back to back. Once you A team players are worn down and taken out the only choice is to meat grind them and hoppe you get lucky.
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    EvilGreebo wrote: »
    It's not that some teams can't be beaten it's that you can't beat 5-6 of the exact same team back to back. Once you A team players are worn down and taken out the only choice is to meat grind them and hoppe you get lucky.

    That can be part of the strategy however.. ie Agnon, Emily, Ferno and Sol to manage through repeat levels, being smart about when to use special abilities / revives with barb teams.

    Otherwise I use Shade, SB, Agnon and Zomn to mow through all other teams.

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    So what happens when rng screws you and your Ferno dies? Now you have bad luck on your side and almost no useful heroes against the barbs because almost every hero in the game is useless with them around. Balog does more damage for me than any hero even if they have atk runes and atk buffs. He can do massive damage with only 1 stack and pretty much all def runes. If I make him all atk then that's extreme overkill and I can beat pretty much any team no effort except barb teams and there's not much fun fighting barbs against barbs. Hopefully the next hero doesn't do the same thing and only the new hero is useful. If it's not going to benefit a specific set of heroes then it's obviously a counter to the barb team
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    It's going to be a Barb counter. That's all these devs know how to do. Make an OP hero, after few weeks of everyone complaining, they make a new OP hero who is a counter to the last one. Rinse and repeat. It's pathetic really. :s

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    This is just a sign of poor planning. Take some time to think ahead & issues like this will be at a minimum.
  • Well, had Hopper eat 2 corpses, get whiped by a terror storm by Agnon (on 4 of my best runed guys).

    Back to 4 full health group on next attempt. **** this ****!!!
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    The problem is that barbs are seriously overcooked. Pre-barb towers weren't an issue.
    No other family comes close to their damage and utility. The majority of T100 run barb or anti barb teams.

    Its like content gets released without consideration of balance. Elves, Malice(only), Fiddlestrom(only), Selwyn get buffcrumbs, only to be vastly overshadowed and forgotten by the barb rework shortly after. Why even bother?
    the amount of Shades in this just TOO DANG HIGH!
  • Barbs are the worst, but its not just barbs. When runed certain ways, some heroes higher level than my 70 can become effectively invincible, they heal back so much that I either can't make a dent, or it takes many rounds and depending on my team makeup, they can just outlast me.
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    Barbs certainly are OP. I've seen them pull off amazing feats in battle. Drakk can survive literally forever and just with Abigail and Balog they have the perfect synergies to take on any team, except dragons of course. It's going to take an entire team as powerful as them with perfect synergies to beat them, but there's really only the beast team and the undead team is somewhat useful. In other games I've played it would be the casters that beat melee types and they have already tuned Selwyn a bit, but there really isn't a synergizing caster team unless you use Pontifex with Astrid and Dagrund who will all die the first round because of Balog. What if casters were immune to silence for 1 turn? That seems to be the trend lately, invincible or immune to something for first turn or until that heroes turn. Whatever thisnlight hero release is with it's support group, I hope it's not another Marrow. Looks cool, can be useful but he's light of course so any dark hero especially Shade just makes him useless.
  • Wow, I’ve had multiple barbs teams before but this is **** ridiculous. 8 barbs teams!?!?

    Like what in the actual ****. 4 are Shade based, 1 Agnon, 1 SB, 1Furnace and 1 Solaris.

    How much longer do we have to put up with this complete bulk shut.
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