Rune Power & PvP Matching

I'm sure this has been mentioned before but I wanted confirmation. Is total rune power tied to PvP? I'm getting a lot of users a few lvls higher than me and with much higher rune power. Does removing runes or adding change who I get? I've heard to take runes off any heroes not used and it will give you easier matches but I don't notice it.


  • Removing runes will definitely make the tower easier. I would think PVP too but I'm not totally sure.
  • RocksorRocksor Member
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    I've noticed a difference in keeping 16 heroes having runes versus 6 heroes having runes in PVP. I think there are thresholds of who you get, like if your rune power is within 160K-165K, you get a certain set versus 170k-180k. I don't know if the breakdown is every 10k or every 5k. If you are in the middle of a threshold, then removing runes may not much of a difference because you didn't drop down a threshold.

    For the tower, I think it's generated based on the last PVP battle that you did when you first open it after your local 12am time. So if you defeat a far left easy opponent, I've noticed that the tower is generally easier than when I first open it rather than after fighting a far right hard opponent and then opening it.
  • MaxBeamerMaxBeamer Member
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    PvP difficultly is tied to total hero roster power, BUT if your strong enough it doesn’t matter. I constantly fight people that are a higher level than me but rarely lose unless a team has really, REALLY good runes. The tower can be gamed or fooled into thinking you are weak and then give you easier teams. @Rocksor almost has it. Before you open a new tower run 5 of the easiest dungeons. You can do the first 5 in normal campaign. I usually do the zero stam island dungeons and then finish with chapter 1 normal campaign dungeons and my towers are easy.
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