Door Event Tips

Here's the LINE note I did for my guild and thought some of you might appreciate it.

***Door Event***

For those of you who haven't done this event before, here's a rundown:

For the next 13 days, a new door will open after using a key on the previous door. There are bronze, silver and gold keys, with gold keys giving the best rewards. After using a key, the door will close. On day 14, all the doors will reopen after using a key on every door, and will not need to be opened in order like the first time through.


This is a great event to get runes!

1. Save your gold keys for doors with runes.

2. wait until day 14 to use your gold keys so you can choose which runes you want; all the doors will be open for you to see.

3. Without spending money, you can get 3 gold keys. 1st - free, 2nd - 40k tickets, 3rd - 5k gems

4. To get deadeye tokens, get as many silver keys with tickets as you can. Gems for silver keys is NOT worth it.

Reminder: We are a no minimum event guild. let's try to get at least 7 mil for the superior rune, but please do not chase down members who cannot devote the time to get tickets.

Enjoy the event everyone!

Feel free to let me know if I missed anything, and I will add it to the note.


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