Extra energy?

Well, just now my Bovus stampeded enemy team. Nobody dodged or was missed, etc. Then Tsume used Soul Shred. Very strange. I won anyway, but it was unnerving that there are still these mystery glitches hiding about.


  • VkwVkw Member
    Did other team have Ekko? He protects against energy theft.
  • AtoZAtoZ Member
    No, no ekko. I know about that.
  • ZerniumZernium Member
    edited March 2016
  • AtoZAtoZ Member
    Noorp :( no explanation other than bug.
  • Indigo gives the team energy when she crits, so that's another possibility.

  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    This just seems to happen sometimes. Happened since I started playing in the fall. Not anything to do with the recent wave of bugs, that's for sure. I read on another discussion similar to this, someone said something about how Bovus stampedes, then when the enemy attacks, something about the new PvP attack order thing basically makes the game think it's a new turn for them, and they gain the energy back.

    Doesn't happen all the time though, but I wouldn't understand how annoying this is as I don't frequent PvP.
  • This just happened to me were Bovus's stampede didn't work and I got Tsume'ed into dust and like the OP the other team didn't have Ekko.
  • AtoZAtoZ Member
    MacTheKid wrote: »
    Indigo gives the team energy when she crits, so that's another possibility.


    Nope no indigo either. Trust me, I know of all legitimate ways this can happen, and it wasn't any of them. Bug.
  • wzangwzang Member
    Yes it happens. Very annoying
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