Hero Idea - Ziema, the Arctic Hawk

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Ziema, the Arctic Hawk

HP - ★★☆☆☆☆
Attack - ★★★☆☆☆
Defense - ★★★★★☆
Skill - ★★★★★☆


Ziema is ever-vigilant. Her eyes can pierce through the worst storms, and her icy bolts can pierce through the toughest of armor. She guards her frozen mountain with the power to summon chilling gales from the gusts of her wings.

Element: Water
Passive traits:
Flying - Reduced damage taken from melee attacks.
Guardian of Ice - Immune to Freeze, Chill, Frostbite. Gives her team increased resistance to Freeze and Frostbite.
(1st Ascension:)
Chilling Tailwind - Chilled allies attack first.
To the Bone - Chill lasts 1 extra turn on enemies.
(2nd Ascension:)
Chill Charger - Allies still gain energy when Chilled.
Icy Screech - Low chance to Chill enemies when attacked.


Talon - Basic attack for (27.2% attack, max 59.5%) physical melee damage.

Snow Shield - Provides a special shield for all allies. Unlike Aegis shield, it doesn't block attacks, but instead absorbs damage equal to 15% of Ziema's health (Max 85%). When the shield is broken, it has a chance to Chill the attacker, if they were a melee attacker. Using this ability again will not stack the amount of shielding, only reset it.
Cooldown: 7

Icicle Skewer - Fires an ice spear at a target, dealing (76.6% attack, max 177.4%) ranged physical damage, with a chance to Slow and Freeze the target (Chances of each are independent of each other).
Cooldown: 5

Blizzard Bomb - Lobs a huge sphere of snow on the enemy team. Deals no damage, but has a 30% (Max 100%) chance to Slow and Chill all enemies.
Cooldown: 7

Evo Costs:

x30 Water Larvae
x15 Water Evo
x20 Light Larvae
x5 Earth Sister Evo

x26 Water Monarch
x16 Light Monarch
x44 Water Evo
x8 Coldfire Evo
x2 Diamond Evo
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