New Hero Idea - Plucky the Magical Wyvern

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Note: Homage to Dragon Warrior fans... you know who you are!
Also, please use to be inspired, not rip off...

Basically I think we don't have enough flying heroes, and poor Torchy shouldn't be the only one on the roster...
So enters Plucky... basically the duck-like wyvern. Could quack, could breathe fire, could cast some magic spell...

His first move could be something like Back-wing. It's a melee attack, like a backhanded slap, except his wing. Pretty basic.

Another move could be him casting Sitting Duck. It's similar to Silence, but worse because you can't heal them, debuff them, etc.
Basically you are a 'sitting duck'... see where this is going?

He can also cast Ablaze. His bill opens up ridiculously wide, fireballs fly out and scorch his enemies.

And finally, his final move could be something like Firebird. (I know, I know, he's not a Phoenix. This move could likely change and be swapped out for a better move.) Basically he can sacrifice his health and heal the team, even bring others back from the dead!

He's a magical flying fire beast class. Definitely up for ideas on move titles and what not, just wanted to get this idea posted and at least get another flying type in the game! Also edited this idea to include move names... with the exception of Sitting Duck and Back-wing, he has fire moves... maybe he should be something other than a fire class, or undead. They have a lot of heroes in those classes!


  • I love this idea! More flying heroes! And og course bonus points for one of my favourite franchises DW / DQ
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Just curious - Is the pixel art yours?
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