New Hero Idea: Sateen, Crazed Summoner

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New Demon Idea!

Sateen, Crazed Demon Summoner

Seeing the fear that demons have caused, Sateen wanted to harness and control that power himself
- Augustus

Element: Dark


No ascensions

Traits: Demon Worshiper
(Boosts Allied Demon's attack)

WHY?!?: If attacked by a demon, does x2.5 damage against them for 2 turns.


Slice: Slices enimies with his sacrificial dagger for melee physical damage

Pet Demon: Summons a pet demon that is half his level (Rounded down) That acts as a separate character (More details below)-3 Energy after the turn it dies

1st ascension:

Traits: Demon Worshiper ll: Increased def for demons as well.

Holy hunter: Does X1.5 damage against healers or light characters

Abilities: Sacrifice: Steals allies health and does double of health stolen damage on random enemy-4 energy

2nd ascension:

Traits: Demonic heart: High demon resistance

Abilities: TRANSFORM: Transfroms into a demon. (more details below) At the end of the third turn, his soul is damned and dies. -No energy cost, because of downside
Pet demon:


Element: Fire

Traits: Straight Outa Hell: Good chance to burn on attacks.



Bite: Basic physical attack

My Master: Sacrifice this demon to fully heal Sateen.-No energy, due to downside



Element: Fire


FEAR ME: Gives everyone fear, ignores immunity

Savage fury

Damner: Chance to Give the damned debuff on attacks: (When they die, they can't come back)

To cool for you: Can't be hunted




Hellaport: Teleports Target to Hell where they can't attack for one turn and when they come back they get a Hellfire debuff (Fire that can't be healed or prevented by agies or immunities)- No energy, but can only be used once.

This form lasts for 3 turns, as does the fear.

If life was like a box of chocolates, you would know what you would get, a tasty treat.


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    'Thanks, Satan.'

    'It's pronounced Sateen.'
  • 'Thanks, Satan.'

    'It's pronounced Sateen.'

    Exactly where I thought of the name.
    If life was like a box of chocolates, you would know what you would get, a tasty treat.
  • This will cause the whole Christian community go crazy!
    Puns are a crime against humanity.

    Dissing off the Philidelphia 76ers since 2015.
  • Like there aren't other demons in the game
    If life was like a box of chocolates, you would know what you would get, a tasty treat.
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