Fan Hero Sketch/Idea: Kenduchi The Fast Tank


This guy is tiny, like Rocky!

Element: Nature

Classification: Fast Armoured Rogue Tank

Description: "Despite his size, he manages to move swiftly in heavy armour, while aswell as wielding a huge iron ball on a chain. Some say he gained the strength to carry all of this by carrying Yokozuna up a mountain."

No Ascension

-Armoured: Takes less damage from physical attacks.

-Fast: Attacks first.

-Stand your ground: Increased defense when dazed.

-Swing: Basic melee physical attack

-Iron Slam: Powerful melee physical single target attack, slows target and lower's their defense aswell.

First Ascension

-Learning Movement: If his attack is dodged by an enemy, he will be guaranteed to dodge that enemie's next attack (Unless the enemy has perfect swing.)

-Swinging Flail Taunt: Forces enemies to target single attacks on this hero, retaliates melee attacks with a basic attack, aswell as temporarily giving the team boosted resistance to ranged attacks.

Second Ascension

-Stand Your Ground 2: Defense is increased even more when dazed.

-Never exhausted: Won't lose energy from enemy attacks that can drain energy. Also immune to chill.

-Iron Guantlet: Strong Spinning melee physical attack on all enemies, boosts team's defense aswell, but dazes himself.
Current Level: 70
Proud Member of the Potato Family
"We should have more tags."
Favorite Hero: Bauble
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