Armand the thief

Background: A master of theft, he is like robin hood, steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
Most hated heroes: Bovus el doro
Element: Water
Tags: Fast: Thief: Undead
Traits: Fully rested(like Julius)
Shifty(can dodge)
Immune to freeze
Abilities and ascension:
Stab: Basic melee attack for 122 base damage plus 2 per lvl
Energy steal: Steal 1 energy from target and random enemy and add to own or ally s. Deals 50 plus 5 base damage. Every 30 lvls he gets to hit another target.
First ascension: Sneaky, sneaky: When in pvp raids, get a 20 percent gold bonus if you win, and if you lose, collect 15 percent of the gold available.
Pickpocket: Steal one buff from enemy and add to himself. Deals 192 base damage plus 2 per lvl.
2ndcension:Shifty 2: Higher chance to dodge.
Water bolt: Fire a water bolt at an enemy, slows him, deal 400 base damage plus 3 per lvl and has a small chance to freeze.

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