new elf character idea : Torusk, the elf lord

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Torusk, the elf lord

Strong and brave, there is nothing that can affect him. The power of the nature flow in each centimeter of this powerfull warrior.

Stars: ***
Health: ****

Ellement: nature


magical - take reduced magic damage.
Tank hunter - boosted damage against tanks.
Mental shield - cannot be dazed nor scared.
Armored - take reduced damage from physical attacks

(1rst ascension:)
Hearth of wood l: take 10% less damage from all sources.
Tank up: give defense boost on crits.

(2nd ascension:)
Hearth of wood ll: take 15% less damage from all sources.
Elvish judgement: if an ennemy deal a critical strike to Torusk, gives that same ennemy a random debuff. If torusk is killed by a critical strike. Gives a random debuff to all ennemies.


Swing: basic attack dealing physical damages.
Elvish punishement: powerfull attack on a single ennemy, chance of terror+daze. if the ennemy is killed by elvish punishement, torusk gain elemental immune and elemental skin.
COST - 7

Elvish resistance: give defense boost (min 15% max 35%) and a random elemental immune to all allies.
COST - 8

Root defense: give an ally poison resistance (min 20% max 40%)  more defense and poison skin ll.
COST - 6

Evo cost:

[1rst ascension]
Nature evo (x42)
Nature evo monarch (×15)
Light evo (x5)
Astral evo (x1)

[2nd ascension]
Water evo (x45)
Nature evo monarch (x30)
Muscle evo (x8)
Diamond evo (x2)


  • Literally he would only be useful for his first skill and nothing else.

    I will always find something to complain about, even as ridiculous as it may sound.
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    Here's some stars if you want to use them instead of the * sign! ★ ☆

    I normally do a format like this:

    Stat - ★★★☆☆☆

    That way, you can see what the max stat is to get a better understanding of where the actual stats on that character are.
    For instance, if a hero's highest attack stat is labeled as 4 stars, I would assume that's the maximum. Putting the empty stars after shows what the actual maximum is, so I know his attack isn't the best, but it's pretty good.
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