New elf healer idea - Kel'tia, voice of the forest

Kel'tia, voice of the forest

Her medicine made from the strongest plants in the fairy's forest can provide mini-buffs to her allies. Even if she is a healer,  ennemies better watch out from her attacks.

Stars: ***
Health: ***

Element: nature

NOTE: all mini-buffs last 1 turn:
LEAF OF RAGE: +15% attack and +30% critical strike chance.
FLOWER OF RESISTANCE: +30% defense and 25% chance to resist all elemental debuffs.
ROOT OF AGILITY: +40% chance to dodge and 50% chance to daze the ennemy on a basic attack.


Elvish hearth: 25% more health to all elf allies.
Secret mix l: give a little bit of healt each turn with 15% chance to purge 1 debuff.
Tank hunter: deal more damage against ennemy tanks.

(1rst ascension:)
Unveiled secret recipe l: at her death, heal all allies for 50% of their life total.
Wound disinfection: at the beggining of the turn, clear all poison and all infection debuffs on a random team member.

(2nd ascension)
Secret mix ll: give a little bit of health each turn with 30% chance to purge 1 debuff
Unveiled secret recipe ll: at her death, heal all allies for 100% of their life total.


Wand: basic ranged magic attack.

Medicinal herbs soup: heal all team members for 2 turns and give a random mini-buff to all of them.
COST - 6 turns

Super cure: heal a single team member, purge 1 debuff and gives 2 random mini-buffs
COST - 5

False cure: range attack on a single ennemy, for 3 turns, gives the false cure debuff (if healed: hurt instead, if +defense: reduce it instead, if +attack: reduce it instead, if +critical chance: reduce it instead, if given any elemental buff: transforms it into elemental weakness).
COST - 5

(1rst ascension:)
Nature evo (x42)
Light evo monarch (x16)
Water evo (x4)
Subterranean evo (x3)

(2nd ascension:)
Light evo (x48)
Nature evo monarch (x30)
Earth sisters evo (x8)
Infinity evo (x2)


  • If nub nub, yasmin, nimriel and leos DNA were to be taken into a lab this is what would come up of it.

    I will always find something to complain about, even as ridiculous as it may sound.
    My notifications box seems to have stopped working sorry if you get no reply from me.
    Current goal:FA Leonidus

  • Haha you are right XD
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