Fan Hero Sketch/Idea: Bruce Markog


Element: Nature

Classification: Legendary Caster Warrior

Description: "After training many years on the mountaintops, Bruce Markog has finally mastered the art of earth magic!"


No Ascension
-Mystical: Deals x1.25 damage to slow heroes and tanks.

-Thick Skin: Takes less damage from physical attacks.

-Earth Shaker: Chance to weaken (reduces Attack and Defense)enemies on basic attack crits.

-Earth Sheild: Starts each dungeon with an orbiting Boulder, which acts as a Sheild and absorbs a maximum of 10% of Bruce's max health before breaking and leaving Bruce vulnerable.

-Punch: Basic melee physical attack

-Ancient Rockslide: Raged physical attack on all enemies, temporarily slows all enemies and reduces the power of enemy physical attacks.

First Ascension
-Earth Sheild 2: Adds another orbiting Boulder, each shielding a maximum of 10% of Bruce's max health. The boulders cannot all be shattered all in one hit.

-Mystical 2: Deals x1.50 damage to slow heroes and tanks.

-Between a Rock and a Rock: Melee physical attack on a single target, crushes the target with 2 boulders which makes all attacks on them never miss and ignores any damage resistances on them for 3 turns.

Second Ascension
-Mystical 3: Deals x1.75 damage to slow heroes and tanks.

-Earth Shaker 2: Chance to debilitate enemies on basic attack crits.

-Earth Sheild 3: Adds a third orbiting Boulder, each sheilding a maximum of 10% of Bruce's health. Each Boulder can not be shattered all in one hit.

-Fissure Frenzy: Ranged physical attack on all enemies, and restores 1 orbiting Boulder to Bruce. Cannot be used when all 3 boulders are in place. Also, this ability has a long cool down.

Tips: Bruce's weakness is multi-hit attacks. Sifu, Indigo, Tsume, Etc. can break all or most of his boulders in a single ability, which can reveal his squishy core early. Also, Kai Makani can help defend against his AOE attacks.
Current Level: 70
Proud Member of the Potato Family
"We should have more tags."
Favorite Hero: Bauble
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