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  • FOr the daze I just kept running lich for infinite respawns.

    I will always find something to complain about, even as ridiculous as it may sound.
    My notifications box seems to have stopped working sorry if you get no reply from me.
    Current goal:FA Leonidus

  • kpung07kpung07 Member
    Fun event and not nearly as grindy as I thought it would be
  • I finished the daze quest (all of them actually) yesterday. The daze quest in particular was done in Razor Wind Pass with Yoko, Ekko, Archangel Emily and Yasmin Bloom. That stage has lots of enemies, and the enemies that come with the boss heal the whole team! whats nice is that Yasmin deals low damage to the demons and Archangel deals low damage to the wisps for stalling, but if you need to advance, just do visa versa.
  • Nice relaxing simple quest. Thanks guys, I needed this after the 3000 burns over the weekend. I wasn't sure if I was going to play the game again after that one but this has renewed my faith in the game. Good choice!
  • This was very close to very well designed. The daze quest either needed to be 200 or daze stacking needed to count towards the goal. Dazing an already dazed hero didn't count and that made it more grindy than it needed to be. And thanks for not level locking anything.
  • Dad2KNKDad2KNK Member
    @PrezObama it stacks if the original daze wears off first. :)
  • Dad2KNK wrote: »
    @PrezObama it stacks if the original daze wears off first. :)

    @Dad2KNK - Then it's not stacking, right? :D
  • FoozleFoozle Member
    Very nice, 1 day event. I even thought the 300 dazes wasn't bad at all. Finished everything fairly quickly.

    Thanks devs!
  • I have to commend you on this event. For me this is the best event in 3-4weeks. I just hope the game is not completely ruined by the portal/aether updates.
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