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Note: This an FAQ for the latest Game Update. Please use the main threads (preview and patch notes) to discuss.

What is the Aether Shop?
The Aether Shop is a new shop where you can use a new in-game currency – called Aether – to get exclusive heroes, skins, and other cool items that won’t be available anywhere else! All those excess Tokens you have and those you gain in the future will now be converted into Aether, which will then give you the power to choose what you want to unlock in the Shop.

Any player that has at least one six-star Hero AND at least one excess Hero Token can access the Aether Shop.

What happens to my excess Hero Tokens after the update?
When players log in after this update, all excess Tokens will be converted at that time. Token amount converted and Aether gained will be displayed per Hero to players when this occurs.

Any excess Tokens earned after that initial conversion will be immediately converted into Aether. Each time this happens, players will see excess Tokens earned count down and how much Aether is gained.

What is each excess Hero Token worth in Aether?
All Heroes have been classified as either Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Legendary. A selection of Hero Tokens will be available in the Aether Shop at launch. Expect Aether Shop content to change over time.
  • Excess Bronze Hero Tokens are converted to 5 Aether.
    • Bronze Heroes: Willow, Abigail, Torchy, Phemus, Kobal, Rogar, Zurk, Squinch, Stone Fist, Yasmin, Nitpick, Sir William, Mangle Jaw, Bovus, Jabber Clenchjaw, Selwyn, and Lupina
  • Excess Silver Hero Tokens are converted to 10 Aether.
    • Silver Heroes: Black Diamond, Overlord Executum, Therand, Dagrund, Dhaegon, Chief NubNub, Rocky, Shadowblade, Tsume, Samurai Takumi, Yorick, Ella, Yokozuna, Ekko, and Ignus
  • Excess Gold Hero Tokens are converted to 25 Aether.
    • Gold Heroes: Lady Nimriel, Indigo, Balog, Malice, Archangel Emily, Phenol Toxin, Julius, Leo, Icebloom, Icepick, Alexandros, Sifu, Masuta Kira, Augustus, Pignius, Life Reaper Brom, Hansuke, and Kai Makani.
  • Excess Legendary Hero Tokens are converted to 30 Aether.
    • Legendary Heroes: King Bramble, IGOROK, The Furnace, Pontifex, and Lord Zomm.

Before this update, players that had 6-starred a Hero that was available as a “Full Unlock” in a Summoning Portal would no longer get Tokens for that Hero unless they had 6-starred ALL other “Full Unlock” Heroes. This made obtaining new Heroes rather easy for players that had 6-starred all other Heroes. Why was this changed?

The introduction of a new Hero should be a celebrated event, and we emphasize that with special event dungeons and activities for players to participate in to get Tokens for the new Hero. We want this to feel special for all players. While we definitely appreciate our higher VIP players and the purchases that they’ve made, we want our players to be more engaged in getting these Heroes.

Acquiring a new Hero should be a milestone and a reflection of the work and effort that a player has put towards that goal. Think about how Daeris is reflective of the effort players put into their Guilds and PvP skills. When you see a player using Daeris, you know that they’re very passionate about the game. Being able to instantly purchase the Hero dilutes this sense of accomplishment, and it wasn’t our original intent when the portals were setup.

As a result, we’ve made it so that players will always have a chance to get all available Hero Tokens for all Heroes in a portal, regardless if they have 6-starred all Heroes or not. We know this is going to be quite the change for some of our players, but the Aether Shop will alleviate some of the concerns with excess Tokens (which will be converted immediately to Aether) by offering Tokens for a variety of existing Heroes.

Will we be seeing more new Heroes and Skins exclusive to the Aether Shop? Will they ever be released into the Heroic Portal?
We currently do not have any plans to move the Aether Shop Excusive Heroes Aria the Light Acrobat and Ember the Fire Healer to other areas of the game. As for new, exclusive Heroes and Skins for the Aether Shop, you’ll have to wait and see!

Will we ever see previously released Skins in the Aether Shop?
Short answer: yes. But we’re still exploring the when and how of it. Stay tuned as the Aether Shop evolves, and in the meantime, enjoy the Lovely Lady Nimriel Skin!

Will you still be releasing new Heroes and Skins in the Heroic and VIP portals?
Yes, definitely new Heroes in both portals. We’re not moving away from that. Our plans for Skins are diverse and some will only be available via the Heroic Portal or the Aether Shop while others will be available via in-game objectives (similar to what we did with Daeris Tokens). 

Will we be able to purchase Aether with money?
There are no plans at the moment.

How was each Hero valued for the Aether to Token conversions?
We had to look at how rare each Hero was in our game and determine the effort needed to get. It was a combination of those factors that led to our new classification of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Legendary. However, Lupina is the exception. We wanted to make it easier for players to acquire her tokens, since they were hard to get in the game. Therefore, she is a bronze hero in that her Tokens are cheaper than the other three tiers (when she rotates into the Aether shop).

How much Aether will excess tokens be worth for Daeris?
We haven’t determined that yet, as it will be a while before anyone has excess Tokens for her.

While you’re here, will Yorick ever leave the Tower of Pwnage as a reward? I have SO many Tokens!
With the introduction of the Aether Shop, that won’t necessarily be a bad thing! There are currently no plans to replace Yorick, but we’ll let you know ahead of time if we do!
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