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  • I did 4 individual rolls this time around and got 3 chests with zomm tokens and a full zomm unlock

    Stuff like this makes me think the portal seed for the game is screwy. There are times where I will pull the same hero repeatedly and it looks like you got insanely lucky and it happened to be Zomm.
  • One 10 pull + one extra (11 total)

    Got zomm on the extra

    For the 10 pack, got two unlocks I did not need and twice 5 zomm tokens from gold chests

  • FoozleFoozle Member
    Three pulls, 1 on my main account (3 icebloom tokens), 2 on my level 15 account (two full sifu unlocks).
  • TherrinnTherrinn Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    My wife did a single pull (free pull from guild tournament) and unlocked Zomm.
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    Did 3 10x heroic summons .. Got 3 zomm unlocks to get him above 4* and I also got 4 chests with zomm tokens 3-5 in them

  • I did a 10x pull - got a Zomm full unlock, plus a chest with 5 Zomm tokens
  • Did an individual summon and got 25 Archangel Emily Tokens, no Aether.
  • ImmortalLuImmortalLu Member
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    I did 4 single pulls this weekend, got Zomm tokens 2 times, no unlocks. I have enough to summon, but I will wait for an unlock because I need him at better than 3 stars.
  • 4 single pulls, unlocked zomm (hooray!). no additional zomm tokens.
  • gmungmun Member
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    As this thread was about collecting data about the portals I will post this here and refresh this thread. I finally used my gems which I have been saving since the night before the portal change (Had 4000).

    I did 3 VIP summons, did not get the new hero, all 3 were 10 Zurk tokens each.

    I did a 10x heroic:
    Didn't log each chest, but only got one full unlock and it was Emily (aether for me). Did not get the new hero, and only 1 chest had tokens for one of my non-maxed heroes (4 MK tokens). All the rest is garbage to me and only converts to about 2-3 ember tokens.

    With the new hero, I had 4 heroes in the Heroic I need tokens for (Indigo, MK, Snake girl, Malice). This didn't help. But I will keep venom off this thread since it is about collecting data. I had been hoping that the "featured" meaning had been bumped WAY up with the portal change, but it's not really looking that way other than for Matt's Zomm featured pulls.

  • Thanks gmun! I compiled the data and the unlock rate for Zomm was ~12%. This was from 192 pulls and 23 unlocks.

    I may be opening a few chests this event, but would definitely be interested in continuing to hear results. I have a feeling featured means 10% but it would be good to know if that fluctuates.
  • FoozleFoozle Member
    Did 4 VIP pulls. Got Aether for first 3 and then unlock for Viperia on the 4th pull. Did 5 heroic pulls. Aether for first 4 and then Cobressa unlock on the fifth. I consider myself lucky.
  • VIP pulls aren't too useful as there is no "featured". We know it's a 25% chance for each. Thanks for the heroic pull data!
  • gmungmun Member
    Oh I forgot, I also used my 1 free pull I had saved from last weeks guild reward and got 4 Brom tokens (aether).
  • 6 vip pulls no bueno . 3 Julius hits 2 Phenol 1 Bovus
  • 8 Heroic = 15 Cobressa and garbage
  • seth33seth33 Member
    14 heroic pulls. Got 14 tokens I need and 6k ish aether. Garbage. Pulled new VIP on first pull and stopped there. Sadly my last portal ever...
  • EpikAznEpikAzn Member
    7 chests, 3 duplicate heroes, then stopped
  • Posting for some others I saw in different threads.

    @Noonsa pulled 10 with no unlocks.
    @D_Rodd pulled 20 with no unlocks.

    Featured rate is not looking good. I just did 25 pulls and got VERY lucky.

    25 pulls got me 5 unlocks or 125 tokens (Technically 200, but I'm counting the full unlock as 25 for data purposes). My last 3 pulls were all cobressa which makes me question how the "random" chests are generated. I also got 1500 orbs and 4650 aether. 2 yoko unlocks in a row led me to making a rage post on the aether thread but obviously the DB gods gave me the triple cobressa pulls to pacify me.

    I'm not going to bother doing any more pulls on this hero. I bought the bundles for the VIP hero to get it to 4 stars and at 4 stars they both will stay for the foreseeable months. I hope we get some better results from others because right now the overall average is looking pretty pathetic.
  • 10 with one cobressa unlock and two icebloom ones for your data
  • Drew21Drew21 Member
    15 heroic pulls and unlocked her on #15 , have long been maxxed on heroic portal heros and luckily most of my pulls were from guild reward summons, would have probably spent good money to star them up under old system but won't waste anymore gems now and just leave them both lower starred
  • Most recently, five free pulls during icebloom/yoko skin event: 25 icepick, 30 icebloom, chest with 4 malice, chest with 4 emily, yoko skin. A very lucky day.
  • 7 free pulls; full alex, full malice, 5 gold chest with random crud in them. Just how I'm looking at this, with 17 heroes currently in the portal you have a little under a 6% chance of getting tokens of any single hero you're looking for. So you *should* get the full unlock within 2 x10 pulls on average. Which is about what most people I've seen talk about it are saying. The average pulls seems to be over x10 to get a featured hero from what I've gathered so the "Featured" tag can't be adding much at all to the pull rate because it can't be more than 10% chance or else most people would get the hero in one x10 pull on average. But that's still pretty exorbitant in terms of money for a 1* hero (excluding gold and evo value) that's really not even usable. You're talking $40 - $50 every 2 weeks for a hero to sit in your queue and look pretty. If you want the hero to be fully functional and competitive I think you're going to be missing a car payment at the very least.
  • KaceyKacey Member
    lordbbbb wrote: »
    Anybody who hits the portal is making a huge mistake and might as well light their money on fire.

    Brb gonna go light my money on fire

  • RooskerRoosker Member
    31 heroic for Cobressa unlock, and I pulled Viperia early with one pull.
  • I will sum up this data when I get a chance. I plan on doing quite a few pulls for Bramble so I will leave my information here similar to Zomm. This will probably be the last time I do a lot of pulls, as I simply wanted Zomm and Bramble to finish my pre portal nerf roster. I will continue to keep this thread active in case other people do meaningful pull amounts to try and collect further data.

    Please post any and heroic pulls you make for Bramble here.
  • 6 free pulls from the weekend guilds rewards plus the event free one: No Bramble or Cobressa. Yokozuna was my only unlock and 250 Aether does indeed blow.
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