Hero Idea- Valencia the Rogue Beast

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Valencia the Rogue Beast
Thieving Female Raccoon
-Valencia steals from the poor and gives to the rich. Absolutely no one is more cold-hearted than she.


No Ascension
1) Shifty I
2) Cold Hearted I- Recovers 1.0% HP whenever Valencia/allies are hurt or hit with a status/debuff, or whenever enemies hit Valencia/allies or receive healing/buff.
3) Pouch I- Can hold up to 3 abilities.

First Ascension Gains
1) Shifty II
2) Cold Hearted II- Recovers 1.5% HP
3) Pouch II- Can hold up to 5 abilities.

Second Ascension Gains
2) Cold Hearted III- Recovers 2.0% HP
3) Pouch 3- Can hold up to 7 abilities.
4) Master Thief- Valencia performs a swipe after every special, and now takes two abilities per Swipe. When using Misdirect, Valencia will still swipe an ability from whomever she misdirected.

1) Swipe- Basic melee attack that steals the target’s abilities. (Only one at a time until Master Thief) These abilities are held until the end of the battle. When Valencia has reached the maximum she can hold, she gets rid of the first one and takes the next one, etc. The ability then goes back to the original holder. The ability swiped can be selected.
2) Let’s Trade- Valencia takes all buffs on the field and distributes them among allies, and all debuffs and statuses are distributed among enemies. Valencia then takes the health percentages, and distributes the highest HPs to herself and her allies and the lowest HPs to her enemies. These are only percentages, not the actual max HP. (7 Turns)
3) Double Agent- Steals 25% HP and 3 Energy from an ally and gives it to an enemy (2 targets selected for all this). The next turn, the same enemy loses 6 energy and 50% HP, and this is all given to the targeted ally. (5 Turns)
4) Misdirect (6 Turns)

First Ascension
-300 Loot Keys
-3 Jeweled Evos

Second Ascension
-800 Loot Keys
-1 Diamond Evo


  • It's an interesting idea but all the ability trades and swapping can get a little out of hand and possibly too complicated. Also just in case this wasn't thought of, every hero should be able to keep their basic attack and the limit of 7 ability can possibly OP someones team were they lucky enough to fully ascend.
    There is no need to make more heroes when the ones you have are already awesome.
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