Hero Idea - Justice, King of Elves

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Justice, King of Elves


The king of elves himself steps onto the field to give his foes a taste of Elven rule. His unbreakable spirit and sword bring a powerful combination of team buffs and high damage into play. He also gives passive buffs to his Elf subjec- Er, I mean, friends!

Most hated hero: Stonefist
"You dare claim you own my fist without my consent? Please. You are not even worthy of my nail."

Stats (Lv70, 6*):
Health - 4,814 (+25%)
Attack - 1,820 (+30%)
Defense - 1,717
Skill - 1,580
Hit Chance - 100%
Crit Chance - 5% (+20%)
Dodge Chance - 0%
[Light Resist] - 33%
[Spirit Resist] - 3%

Runes: Light/Light/Fire/Water/Nature

Element: Light
Magical - Takes reduced magical damage.
High Elven Rule - All Elf allies gain +25% Health and +30% Attack.
Steadfast Presence - Allies cannot be Slowed.
Arrogance - Heals self 6% each turn and Cleanses 1 debuff if an Elf ally is on the same team.
Shock and Awe - All damaging abilities and attacks have a chance to Shock enemies, basic attacks have a 20% chance while abilities have a 50% chance (King's Judgement applies the chance of Shock each turn the enemy is banished).
Arrogance II - Restores 12% Health each turn instead of 6%.
Crown Jewel - Allies gain a 60% Defense boost when at full health.
Final Stand - Any elf ally who becomes the last hero standing in a battle gains +100% to Attack, Defense, and Skill.
Arrogance III - Restores 18% Health each turn instead of 12%.

Swing - Physical basic melee attack for [49.5% Atk] damage.

King's Judgement - Banishes an enemy from battle for 3 turns or until they become the last enemy standing. When they are banished, buffs/debuffs are removed. Deals [82.6% Atk] ranged magic damage each turn to the Banished enemy. If the target is a Monster, deals [102.6% Atk] ranged magic damage each turn instead. When the Banished enemy returns or is slain from this ability, the ally with the lowest health is healed for up to [50%] of their Max Health.
Cooldown: 7 turns

Weight of Authority - A powerful Physical melee attack dealing [179.0% Atk] damage and Silences the target for 2 turns. If the target is a Monster, they are also Dazed for 2 turns.
Cooldown: 6 turns

Protectorate's Call - Calling upon the Heavens, Justice raises an ally's Defense stat by up to [82.5%] for 2 turns, applies Aegis Shield, and buffs all other allies' Attack stat by up to [72.5%] for 2 turns. Elf allies are also healed for up to [60.0%] of their Max Health.
Cooldown: 6 turns

Elf Synergy Passives:
Lady Nimrel: Royal Piercing Arrows - When on a team with Justice, attacks and abilities ignore Armor. Additionally, Elf allies will drain enemy energy by 1 when scoring Critical hits.
Daeris: King's Dark Deeds - When on a team with Justice, any enemy who attacks Justice will be marked for 3 turns. If Daeris kills the marked enemy, all Elf allies will receive a minor increase to Max Health and Attack.
Willow: Royal Scout - When on a team with Justice, Willow's basic attacks and abilities have a chance to Poison enemies, and killing an enemy will grant her Haste (only 1 Haste per turn).
Indigo: Best Served Cold - When on a team with Justice, Justice will deal 2x damage to Chilled enemies. Additionally, Indigo's basic attacks will have a chance to Chill.


  • Even though he IS a legendary, i feel the synergy passives, and weight of authority attacks are pretty OP....
    Level 71 in the almighty Potato Army!
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