Shock Issue

I just did a PVP raid this morning in which the defending team had Pontifex Mortis with them, a few of the enemies had been shocked by the shocking skin (I was doing the guild quest "it was all yellow" at the time) & when pontifex was defeated by the shock debuff from a shocked hero I defeated he strangely did not reincarnate into his skeletal form, I do not know whether it is an old bug that has resurfaced or whether it is something else...

P.s. I still have the battle log of this raid to prove it In-Game.
Total Zomminionation.


  • This is a bug that has been in here for a good amount of time

    I will always find something to complain about, even as ridiculous as it may sound.
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  • Also if Ponti kills his own teammate with slock he heals, that's quite funny!
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