Hero Idea: Devourer the Demon Beast Warrior!

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Devourer the Demon Beast Warrior
Three-Headed Demon Dog based on Cerberus
”Only one has lived to tell the tale of Devourer, and that person- AAAAAAH!” -Survivor

**** (good)
****** (LEGENDARY)
*** (average)
* (bad)

1) Savage Fury
2) Wrath
3) Demonic Power- 15% more attack for demons.
4) Light Hunter
5) Judgement Day
6) Avatar of Dark- Immune to Light bonuses.

1) Bite- 60% chance of one bite, 30% chance of two bites, 10% chance of three bites
2) A Taste For Blood- Bites the opponent x3 for (scaling base) damage, and heals (scaling percentage) of HP for self and (smaller scaling percentage) for all demon allies. (7 Turns)
3) Howl of Doom- Howls demonically. Increases attack of all demons on team, and chance for fear on all enemies. (8 Turns)
4) Final Judgement- Takes all the damage a foe has done from the last 2 turns and returns it back x2; cannot be mitigated or reflected. (7 Turns)

First Ascension
-Malice 1A
-Any 2 demons besides Malice 1A
-10 Dark Evos
-4 Moonlight Evos

Second Ascension
-Malice FA
-Any 2 demons besides Malice FA
-10 Dark Monarchs
-2 Crypt Evos

-Available in Daily Quests after unlocking Malice and beating Challenge Mode. Also available in Aether shop, and sometimes during special events.

NOTE: Due to its sheer power, Devourer paired with Pignius is forced to only bite once when Hog Wild is activated. This results in a total of two bites. This is so there won't be a horrible OHKO situation of 6 bites. And to make this an easy design for dungeon boss, they could just take Leonidus' basic design and remodel it somehow to make for a Cerberus dog.
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