Hero Idea: Tinsel the Undead Healer!

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Tinsel the Undead Healer
Fairy-like Wisp/Ghost
-Day and night she searches for the soul of her missing son. Do not dare reject her requests when she floats to you from the fog, for if you do...

** (mediocre)
*** (average)
*** (average)
**** (good)

1) Mourning Soul- Gains +3 energy and an Aegis Shield when ally dies.
2) Jealousy- Deals x1.5 damage against mortal characters.
3) Unbreakable Heart
4) Forgiveness- Deals more damage when target’s health is closer to full.
5) Undead Hand- All undead receive 10% passive healing each round.
6) Silence Immune
7) Peace of Mind- Upon her death, Tinsel is reunited with her son. All allies gain an Aegis Shield and are cured of all debuffs. Tinsel cannot be revived after her death. If killed by a character with Judgement Day or by Taste for Brains, this effect does not take place.

1) Tear of Sadness- Basic spirit attack with a 50% chance to lower defense. When used on an ally, heals (maximum 20%, 30% for undead) HP. Tinsel can only heal every other turn. Healing is unaffected by disease.
2) Fateful Mist- Covers the arena with a thick, mystifying fog. All ally debuffs are removed and allies gain a 3-turn (scaling percentage) regenerating health. They also receive a (maximum 10%) evasiveness. The fog will last for 3 turns, and once that is over, all effects are removed.(8 Turns)
3) Rise- Turns a dead ally into a raised skeleton. The raised skeleton Resurrection depends on ally's ascension level. If used on an dead undead ally, the undead is brought back to life with a buff in all stats and (scaling percentage) health. If used on a living undead ally, they are buffed in all stats and given an Aegis Shield. Starts powered. (20 Turns)
4) Forever Bonded- Places a curse on an ally or herself that lasts for 5 turns. Any enemy that kills the cursed hero will be dragged to death with him/her, 100% killing the enemy. (10 Turns)

First Ascension
-Pontifex 1A
-Any 2 undead besides Pontifex FA
-10 Dark Evos
-4 Moonlight Evos

Second Ascension
-Pontifex FA
-Any 2 undead besides Pontifex FA
-10 Dark Monarchs
-2 Crypt Evos

-Available in Daily Quests after unlocking Pontifex and beating Challenge Mode. Also available in Aether shop, and sometimes during special events.


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Typically healers have high skill, as if affects how good heals are.
  • Typically healers have high skill, as if affects how good heals are.

    I bumped it up, thanks! In general, I gave her great abilities and moves to compensate for the lower stats, just as a note.
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