Takumi (notice me, Devs)

I'd just like to say that you could make Takumi viable real quick and easy by giving him a basic, but good passive.
Two words: Water crusade


  • I always thought takumi needed a simple tweak.

    Rogue defense
    Rogue hunter
  • @RawNES. The same trait that BD and ignus have, but for water
  • @kaoticneutral Good suggestion. In my opinion Takumi really needs some major upgrading. His damage output is low. Maybe I don't understand how chill is that useful, but it doesn't seem to help me that much. I do like that Takumi never misses. Maybe that trait could be enhanced somehow so Takumi becomes a better counter to attackers that daze.
  • @fightstuff ya, a "double damage while dazed trait would be cool
  • @kaoticneutral @joel Yeah that's a great idea for Takumi. Double damage while dazed. I like it.
  • Takumi needs some sort of debuff

  • Every other char has either high survavibility, a great damage output, a buff on first slot, AoE on first skill or a disabling/controlling move as first skill. Takumi has none of this, since chill is not a great disabling movement specially for a fast paced pvp.

    I'd switch slots and cooldowns of Frost Katana with Guarding Strike, or I'd make him a fast hero.
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    Hey folks, I had to clean this thread up a bit so that it can remain on topic. Please remember to do so when posting in a thread. Thanks.
  • If you want to see chill in action make your lineup bovus -> takumi. Effectiveness goes way up when you take away an energy first then prevent them from gaining it back for like 3 turns.

    That being said I completely agree with the suggestions. Takumi needs a buff. I really like the rogue hunter/defense idea, it makes a lot of sense from both his abilities and his story. As a samurai he's clearly the most honorable dude out there and would obviously dislike rogues. And perfect strike is the perfect answer to rogues and their innate dodgery. Would give him a much more defined use case, i like it.
  • JovethJoveth Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    I'd just like to say that you could make Takumi viable real quick and easy by giving him a basic, but good passive.
    Two words: Water crusade

    It's funny that you mention adding a passive.....muahahaha...
  • Oh no, it's one thing if a dev says "It's funny you mention adding a passive" it's another when they laugh about it
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  • Does Joveth's post allude to preexisting plans for a new Takumi passive or am I reading too much into it?
  • @MysteriosX I think it does
  • @Joveth I had a feeling you guys were already looking into buffing him with a passive, like you did Yasmin, I just thought that you may like some of these ideas :D
  • @Joveth also, thank you for keeping the thread on topic, I fully understand and appreciate that
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    And now I'm embarrassing myself. In a rush to respond to threads, I misread Takumi for Tsume and was hinting about his PVP passive that we introduced last week. My apologies for the confusion here. Unfortunately, I don't have any new info for Takumi, but we'll definitely post any updates in the future for him. Again, I apologize for the misread here. I will now just go use Takumi all day for PVP for my atonement.
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    Awww, boooooo.

    Though, the general consensus is that Takumi could use some buffs/ supplementary passive(s) to make him a hero that people will actually have a desire to use.

    Chill is probably the worst debuff for PVP, considering that it's the main feature to his first ability. Chill stops heroes affected from gaining energy for abilities while they have the debuff active, but PVP opponents have full energy to begin with, so unless it's going to be a long drawn out battle, chill has little to no visible affect in most cases.

    Takumi needs some love.
  • EltideEltide Member
    Bovus followed by Takumi should work well in pvp, although I'll admit I've never tried it. I can also see it being useful in campaign mode against certain bosses (if it lands).
  • I like Takumi as he is. He's plenty useful in the right situation.
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