Instead of more new heroes - Refresh DB PVP with ideas from other mobile games?

I don't know how many of you played Angry Birds Epic, (yes i know it sounds stupid, but it's actually quite a bit like dungeon boss.) but I did from day 1 release up until the chronicle caves & release of PVP...Then i switched to this game when they started releasing extra hero classes, weapons, and 'star' levels that were extremely hard to get without spending real $$$....... Anyways

Their PVP was almost exactly like Dungeon Boss's, with 2 major additional strategy/playstyle elements:

1. Totems
Totems were 4 pieces: a base, a banner, a head, and a symbol. Each provided in-combat buffs or enemy debuffs, or random spells cast during player or enemy turns. For example:

Level 1 Totem: 5000 base HP
Level 1 'Red' Banner: Each player has a chance to attack a random enemy for 30% base damage
Level 1 'Red' Head: Adds 10% attack power to all player heroes' basic attacks
Level 1 'Thorns' Symbol: Reflects 5% of incoming damage back to the attacker

You could either win a PVP match by destroying the opponent's totem, or defeating all enemy characters. This added a lot of strategy, opened up a litany of different quest possibilities (kill no enemy heroes 3 times, kill all enemy heroes without damaging enemy totem etc.) and allowed for a lot more possible defense/attack strategies. (use a totem that heals over time and skip bringing a healer - use a totem that reflects tons of damage and bring all healers...)

2. Leagues
There were 5-6 leagues, from wood to diamond. Each time you took (i think) top 5 in a league, you were moved up to a higher league with better rewards. These rewards upgraded your totem/banner/symbol. This means just like in many other pvp games - higher the league, the better the competition, the better the reward. The reverse applied, take 30/40/50th place and drop down one.

If Dungeon Boss wanted to borrow some of these ideas to refresh PVP, we could get effigies, or shrunken heads, or something within the 'lore' of DB added to the honor portal, or as some other kind of non-aether collectible. Maybe quest lines to collect 'souls' of dead heroes? E.G. a quest line to defeat ekko in pvp 30 times to collect Ekko's soul, and adding Ekko's soul to your dungeon would award your defenders (or attackers) a chance to gain 1 energy per turn, or to have a 50% chance to retain energy. You could get up to 3 souls on a tabard lets say, and use hammers to modify/improve etc your dungeons' soul tabard.

Ekko: chance for +1 energy per hero pur turn
Bramble: buffs all attacker's base ATK & CRIT by 10%
Alexandros: reflects 10% of incoming damage to attacker

The league part is obvious, would solve all of the issues people have with the current bracket system (as long as there was some kind of moderation set in place to level the playing field for the uber-gemmers pupuer?) And would open up more interesting crown quests, or PVP specific quests that reward souls/tabards/dungeon upgrades.

Apologies if this has been discussed or suggested before - Just a thought I had while I was waiting for my smoker to get done smokin' these brats. :D


  • melkiomelkio Member
    They are interesting indeed!

    however, given the mind-blowing effort that adding a "turn off chat", a "sort heroes", a "crush evo", a "link to dungeon" and many other BUTTONS seem to require our devs, i think that we are likely to see such awesome features in...

    another game
  • EndlessEndless Member
    edited June 2016
    Yea, we have enough heroes as it's. I don't want yet another hero to farm tokens for! I only use ~10 heroes anyways. There is many more ideas from here: that could be improved as well
  • i feel like the update concerning weapons coming in a few days could probably go along the points mentioned in this post.
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  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Ivan8or wrote: »
    i feel like the update concerning weapons coming in a few days could probably go along the points mentioned in this post.

    I dunno.i feel like the weapons update could be more than a gimmick. I'd hate it if they were just aesthetic but if I could, say increase Dhaegon stonecrusher's defense so he didn't die easier than Rogar i'd be happy.

    I actually think making small changes to Dungeon Boss is needed right now, balancing things and utility changes like the above mentioned small updates. These are things we think should be there collectively so they should get priority in updates. Long requested stuff like a sandbox island and a new way to get PLayer XP are also in high request.

    As for new heroes i'm always open to new ideas and changes. But I swear to god if we get another Kai Makani I might lose it.
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