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Hello Everyone! I'm here today to talk about Julius in Pvp, recently I've been having lots of trouble actually having him put out lots of damage or in some cases any damage before being taken out. So when we look at Julius first thing is he's a Nature hero automatically a few heros come to mind that you would want to watch out for (Lady Nim, Ignus, Torchy etc.) Now for any of us that enjoy using the beast team we know that Julius is a very important part so why isn't Julius surviving like his fellow Beasts? Well it's because much like the tanks that deal lots of damage they also have buffs and debuffs or a taunt feature, neither of which he has, while he does have a crit buff but he does not have a taunt or ability that debuffs the enemy or buff his team. So how do I suggest we fix the Jungle King? Well I have a few ideas. The first thing that comes to mind for me is stripping him of his "Tank" title, this would help give him a bit more survivability aginst heros that are specifically meant to target him without breaking the game. Another way to fix this is to give him more health, he isn't the weakest tank but he surly isn't the strongest especially with no way to bring up his defense or take down the enemy's defense. So I think a ability should be added that allows him to buff his teams or debuff his enemy's. A third way is to make his tokens more easily obtainable, currently there is only one level to get his tokens and only one portal you always have a chance at getting his tokens (I don't think I ever have though) and the VIP portal when he appears. Another, I can think of which isn't the best one, is giving him a new trait that will grant him less damage taken from ranged attacks which in cases like Lady Nim still won't stop her from kill him with her first ability but will stop her from killing him in just a few shots.
And finally adding a "armor break" chance in his barrel so he can debuff his enemy's without using a elemental effect.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at what I had to say!

ayy lmao i'm back after 3+ years, Things are so much different.


  • Julius is soft like a pillow...

  • A third way is to make his tokens more easily obtainable, currently there is only one level to get his tokens

    Two stages.

    5-10 Reflection Halls
    16 - 5 Temple Ruins

    Yea, Julius is rare. And he is squishy for being labeled a tank. However, he has one of the best passives (huge boost to attack and crit for all beasts), which doesn't go away when he dies. Removing the tank title would be nice, but he is pretty well balanced. Like all beasts, he has quick cooldowns and good abilities, but poor defense. Glass cannons.

  • The statuses he inflicts are brutal... 3 turn freeze!

    Bramble + Julius + Rocky + Jabber = lotsa crits! Of course that's highly situational. I find that therand is a good friend of Julius when it comes to obliterating IGOROKS and other water tanks though.
  • just don't do what this guy is doing.
    So long and thanks for all the fish
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  • Ivan8or wrote: »
    just don't do what this guy is doing.

    LOL where are these defenses when I'm trying to clear a 3 PVP color quest.
  • glass jaw julius goes down faster than an orange julius
  • wzangwzang Member
    edited July 2016
    Julius is fine in my opinion. Against non Kai defenses you can run Zen, Julius, Bovus, Torchy to devasting strats
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