An Ancient Journal unearthed. (Pt 1)

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I Have just uncovered an Ancient Journal full of symbolic Text. I shall translate (& Submit) each & Every Page to the DB forums But I can only do one page Every Few days. here is what I have uncovered for Today:

Day: Unknown. Page: 1
"for Centuries now I have Slumbered, Keeping to myself along with my arcane powers whilst the Darkness consumed the lands. Watching the other Dark heroes, Plaguing the lands with their Undead Allies & unholy terrors, showing them that the Dead Shall rise to Rule. But even now... something disturbs me greatly, for I can feel a mighty presence, something I thought was consumed by the darkness a long time ago, surely it could not be him... for now, I may have to see the 'Necromancer' About this unknown Resurgence & find out, Which will also mean. Travelling to the Lair of The Lich & seeking the wisdom of the Dark & terrifying Lich Lord so as to know the Whereabouts of our 'Mutual friend'... "

Stay Tuned for more as I translate these Ancient Pages one by one. who knows what ancient secrets may lie within...

Page 2:
Total Zomminionation.
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  • Why not ask pontifex to accompany you?

    I will always find something to complain about, even as ridiculous as it may sound.
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  • This is much better than summer reading, it's summer Ancient-Journal-Translating! I must read more!
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  • This is much better than summer reading, it's summer Ancient-Journal-Translating! I must read more!

    & read more you shall, but you & the many seekers of this world will have to be patient as it takes a fair bit of time to translate each page...
    Total Zomminionation.
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    Well this should be entertaining.
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    Entertaining indeed. I'd expect nothing less from @Apocalyptus
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  • A necromancer is coming? I'd like to see a hero that can summon a skeleton to aid you in battles or use revive on allies in battle and turn them into Pontfiex skeletons :) or a Pontifex NubNub mix.
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