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  • Did someone say Underwôrld has never discussed of themselves before?

    I'm gonna leave this here.

    Great work everyone. Dane is the best woman athlete of the year. Many loves.
  • That was a good post omega.
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    No rest for the wicked!!
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    No rest for the wicked!!
  • And go UnderWorld! #bump
  • It's almost time to recruit. If you're interested message danep4 in LINE!
  • #danesucks :-P
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    Underworld is the only reason I still login to DB everyday. I don't need any kudos or recognition from @Joel or @Joveth. @Anûbis is enough for me.
    Bring back the original Heroic and VIP portals.

    New players the chances of getting a hero to 6* after the portal change is nil. If you obtain VIP5 and gain access to the VIP portal maximizing a new hero costs approximately $550.
  • Lol now they are up next. No intentions of making us next until this post came out. Guys Anubis said it a bunch he only made this post for his guild members to feel like there hard work was for something. There are all kinds of great guilds level capped, the wire, potato army, I could go on and on. I am sorry if we did hurt anyone but honestly the guys and girls in our guild deserve this. They have done everything asked of them and more they have survived through all the horrible updates dungeon boss has done. I am proud of you guys and hope that you will continue to keep up the good work
  • I was surprised to see @Anûbis sending invites out to random players :-) Is The Underworld struggling to source recruits following the update?

    On another note

    I'm so excited about the upcoming event, Will The Underworld succeed this time?, or will Level Capped retain their #1 spot? (They rank number 1 in power too, but personally that does not prove anything...) OR will Justice League Surprise us all! GO JL! Would be great to see the wire, potatoes and level 50 up there too (really expect to see those 5 of those 6 within the top 5)

    One thing I can say with certainty, Veni Vidi Vici will definitely not challenge for top 5!

    Last Week was a guild killer for poorly prepared guilds! A guild event after that should really destroy anyone who only barely made it through.

    Hats off to all top 5 guilds in this weeks guild event who successfully reach #1 in crown tournament too! Im sure some guilds will sacrifice crowns over guild event top 5 (common sense to do so)

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    First to hit 29 Million PVP! Great Work Team!
    Still looking for 1 awesome PVP recruit that's looking for a easy going environment and top guild ranks. PM me here or on LINE with any questions. You can find my line ID under the guild roster. ;)


  • Its hard to believe we've held top hero power for over a year. Also held the top #1 PVP board for over a year. It doesn't matter if we drop down for a few days because we always get back up. We're looking for a few good PVP players interested in one of the most accomplished leader board guilds in the game. Message me on line or here on the forum if interested.

    Good times! ;)
  • I have a feeling the revival of this thread may have something to do with a certain thing that happened a few months ago...
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • farfella wrote: »
    I have a feeling the revival of this thread may have something to do with a certain thing that happened a few months ago...

    Pvp update?

  • Well said blue!! Again it's a great group of guys and all of you are the ones that make the game enjoyable! Keep up the great work guys and keep on killing it!!
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    We are in perilous times. Underworld is looking for exceptional players willing to put it on the line to fight for justice and save the world from evil. This might not be World War Z but is still damm important in Dundeon Boss. Please contact "drodd" in LINE if you think you are one of the few who has what it takes to battle in DB and walk away victorious.
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    @bvs72 you spelled his line id wrong. (Oops)
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    @nunya. Spell checker changed drodd to droid. Kind of funny.
  • zo2xuv5xyt4f.jpg

    Or was it intentional? You decide.
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    He doesn't look at all like me.
  • The Underworld also has the best muppets in the game! :smiley:
  • The Underworld is recruiting honest players only. All our trophies have been earned legitimately, despite an ongoing problem with the integrity of the PVP system in DB.

    If you like to play DB at a high level, but don't like to use exploits or other dishonest ways of getting to the top, PM me here on the forum, or message "drodd" on LINE.

    Happy raiding!
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    Who deleted the new underworld recruiting thread?

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