Best team to 3-star Farm Lands challenge mode

The evo dispels any buff I have, then hits any element for 2.5X

I'm trying to farm Emily tokens, but can't 3-star this fight


  • I got lucky with goblins, you could do it with the furnace(or alexandros) with dagrund and ekko
    There was once a savage goblin by the name of Squinch
    When he delves into dungeons he makes his enemies flinch
    Shredding wolfs, beasts, and sumo's alike
    It would be foolish to call this hero a little tyke
  • Goblins on autopilot for sure
  • I use a dark team pretty consistently -- Ella, Ponti, Dagrund, Brom.

    Also works fine with FA Tsume, Nubs, Nitpick, Squinch/Rogar -- just need to make sure you fear the evo before taking him out.
  • Astrid 3* Overlord 6* Icepick 6* Augustus 6*
  • The gladespring Knights can't touch overlord if he's taunting
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