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This had happened to me two times now, one time last tournament with Pontifex as a reward, then it happened again with the Indigo tournament which I was extremely happy I came first for today's rewards.

Here the problem, I took this picture to show that when the tournament ended for Indigo tokens, I collected my rewards and everything. Like few minutes before that, I receive a raid ticket (1/4), but I decided to hold on to it cause I surely know I don't need to raid anymore to get first cause the second place opponent is about 30 crowns difference.

When I tournament ended, I collected the rewards for first place and everything, that's not the problem. The problem is I waited 15 MINUTES just to make sure this problem doesn't happen again. So around 10:15 PM Pacific Time, I raided, got 13 crowns, no big deal. It said I received ranked one and I was happy about that. But I reloaded my game cause the tournament crowns are still on the old tournament crowns, when I came back, those 13 crowns I earned for this Pontifex tourney didn't even count? Wait what?

For recap, I waited 15 minutes after the Indigo tourney then I raised somebody cause I know a new tourney is up. So I won as you can see and obtained 13 crowns, but it didn't even count? You can see I got 500 crowns at default... I just hope Boss Fight can fix this problem adapt, now it makes me think that I have to restart my game just for the tourney to restart? That shouldn't be the case...


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