An Ancient Journal unearthed pt 3.

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Well here is another page, It took a long time but I got around to it (Eventually.)

Day: Unknown. Page: 3

As we were travelling to the lair of the lich (And feasted on a few 'Light' snacks along the way) we had to traverse through a burial ground, not like the normal crypts I went through, these ones were obviously for the deceased Samurai that fought to protect the lands from the Darkness, fortunately if I recalled correctly, there was supposed to be a guardian of sorts here, a 'Master of Combat' with 'Undying Loyalty' to his ancestors.

Truly, I know how it felt, I used to care for a Bat that literally grew on me, despite my hatred for fire. but hey, Torchy was like family to me... anyway(back to the task at hand), I picked up a familiar scent, looking over in the direction it came from, I immediately cautioned Lord Zomm to stay his hand & stick close, as I had saw the very guardian in particular standing under a Lotus Tree, it was the one they called 'Hansuke Undying'

With a hand on his sheathed blade as a precaution to self-defense, he said. "why do you traverse the sacred grounds of my ancestors?" I introduced myself to Hansuke & told him exactly what we were doing, "we are just respectively passing though here so as to reach the lair of the Lich & learn the whereabouts of a certain figure." with that answer in mind, he knew it was true for he stayed his blade & Explained that two similar figures came through here not too recently.

"You are not the first two to pass through here, for two others have passed through here, a Knight & a King, they mumbled something about finding the source of a mysterious Resurgence that pulsed throughout the land. It felt like the wind had changed but somehow I knew it did not.

Thats when it hit me, if I felt that resurgence of power, then no doubt King Yorick & Overlord Executum did too. with that info in tow, me & Lord Zomm went on to the Lair knowing that there are others who felt the powerful resurgence as well.

"Before you go, can I ask something of you?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I wish to Journey alongside you both, because if the resurgence turns out to be our doom, then I must be there to stop it from destroying my ancestors graves & the entire world with it."

"Sure, let us traverse to the Lair of the Lich."

And so, me, Lord Zomm & Hansuke Undying went on to the Lair of the Lich, but there is still one question unanswered in my thoughts though. Would this resurgence be a benefit to us? or will it be our Doom as Hansuke pointed out before. well, we will just have to find it & see for ourselves wont we...

Here are the other translated pages in case you need to catch up.

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Total Zomminionation.
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