Props to Level Capped

Just wanted to say Congratulations on the win. Holding back turn ins for the end was a great tactic and definitely approved effective haha Looking forward to the next tournament though you guys have definitely showed you will not go down easy!


  • Thank you.
  • Thanks for the props Matt, was a huge effort from the whole guild to coordinate. Had a big deficit to overcome and had to play some strategy to come ahead.
  • Thanks Matt. You've put up a good fight.
  • Awww. That is so kind of you man. Thank you
  • Cheers Matt! It was a great team effort, was a great competition! Looking toward to the next one!
  • Thanks! You guys gave us serious competition.
  • Yup your guild helped push us through thanks for the acknowledgment.
  • Great job, Empire. And congratulations LC.
  • StarskreamStarskream Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Grats LC, well deserved
    LINE: iStarskream
  • 4tom4tom Member
    Yea, that was an insane comeback. Thinking of all the gobs you had to kill, I'm not even jealous.
  • JaxBoomstickJaxBoomstick Member
    edited August 2016
    Congrats guys. That was very impressive!
  • Congrats LC. You are going down next time!
  • Congrats LC. I hope you're all sleeping that grind off right now. Tokens well earned! Can't wait for the next one...actually yeah I can.
    The EMPIRE :: The Aegis of Athena
  • That was an awesome tactical manoeuvre Level Capped. Congrats!
  • Good job and congrats LC! Shoutout to Empire, you guys did well too! Can't wait for the next war!!
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