Astrid smackdown

Wound up in a three on one. Lvl 67 6* FA , full health Yoko, Bovus, Augustus team against a lvl 68 3*Astrid. Even with the Yoko elemental advantage and a several key equipped runes, couldn't make any progress. Her melee passive protection made her basically invincible. Any strategies for taking her down in that scenario?


  • cleanse the debuff so your attack is higher than her defense on your highest damaging hero and next time, don't bring melee vs her. i don't think i've ever fought an astrid team without therand.
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    This was an idea I was playing around with (haven't had the chance to replicate or modify it since I made the video).

    Basic idea is to keep increasing her attack, keep her dazed and provoked to Aria, then charm her:

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  • Tks. I'd never tried to take her on with a melee team. Lesson learned
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