The anniversary of the tower

One day I heard that there was an unlimited run of tower. I sugguest on the day of this anniversity for you allow one 24 hour period where we can run it as many times as you want. One day of doing tower won't throw off the balance of the game it will give people who struggle with tower to have more opportunity to get better at it through practice and it allows players to gather a few in game resources.
Now if this wasn't asking a lot already maybe after a full year we change the hero we get from tower. I vote for ignus because he is gone in the abyss right now and move yorick to honor portal or someone from the honor portal I sugguest be exchanged for yorick because it's about the same aether price. If you want to be overally gracious then maybe a gold tier hero or a brand new hero added to tower and is only earnable through tower.
Anyone remember when tower was released?


  • Checked the Announcements forum and it was announced in Dec 2015. Probably went live in January 2016.
  • I like this. Unlimited runs for 24 please.
  • The unlimited tower runs was a bug.
    Depending on how fast you can do the tower, it would be extremely easy to accumulate 10-15k gems. I doubt DB would give easy access to over $100 worth of gems.
  • i wouldn't mind if they allowed unlimited tower runs but had diminishing returns on rewards tower provides. That way people can practice if they want and leader board wouldn't be so stale
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    I can do the tower pretty consistently in 15 minutes. Unlimited runs would mean 1,100 gems for me per a hour. While @Zanza004 10k to 15k would be a bit out of my range for amount of time I could just sit and do it. I could pretty easily get 7,600 gems from 24 hour unlimited which is the starting point of the $99.99 bundle in the shop ... so yeah ... that would be a heck of a gift that I cannot see them doing.
  • Don't get me wrong, it was a really fun bug. But is just like the 8x token bug. A fun one time thing that will likely never happen again.
  • bring back 8x token and watch the $$$ roll in from stam packs
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