10 x eroic summoning

I'm a noob and the 2.700 gem summoning look like the best way to spend gems but my question is: what hero you (everyone that will answer) want to draw first(and why)?


  • Depends on wether you wanna go for PvP (Astrid, Zen are great for example) or campaign (Zomm, Bramble...)
  • The dynamics of the game keep evolving and the character I would want now wouldn't have been the one I wanted a few weeks ago or two months ago. My recommendations would be to take one you like a lot (skills, design, etc) and build a team around it to take advantage of the team synergies. No one character is going to serve a universal purpose, so don't worry to much about which one you go with first.
  • Igarok is really good early game, It should help you in pvp allot and you'll get ponti allot faster. Trust me. I started with alexander... And had a hard time... The dude who showed me this game started with igarok (by started, I mean he unlocked around lvl 15 or something which is crazy lucky(either luck, or he was featured I can't remember)) and had no problem at all with pvp, deffence and offense. Early on nobody knows how to counter ig (its not that hard, you just need torchy and spam aoe attacks after) so you'll never lose deffence.

    Other good hero's
    -Brom has an excellent aoe that is unheallable
    -Bramble(who is actually featured right now if you want him) makes dungeons allot easier if paired with his goblin buddies
    -Ella has a good aoe and is amazing at taking out bosses (death kiss x2.5 damage while enemy under 50% health)
  • When your starting out a 10x summon is by far the best use of your gems. Just wait until they have a guaranteed unlock for someone you really want then go nuts. I use my undead team a ton in PvE so I'd save them for Zomm.
  • Your first priority should ALWAYS be to have 4 heroes of each element (Colour) Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow. This should help you become a 180-240 crowns a week player.

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