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Ever being attacked by low level players (4 or more levels below) and you lost?
Ever being attacked and lost many times but within a few minutes?
Ever being attacked by same player twice IN A ROW?
Ever being attacked and your defense AI kills you?

Well, these situations happen to me today, which is really frustrating. If you are the same, you might think the following idea useful:

1. Willow and Tsume. Willow has a buff to increase the health of all nature type ally. Tsume's savage fury allows him to multiply the damage output when low on health. Once your Tsume survive an attack, a soul shred will take out the enemy hero. Furthermore, Willow and Tsume is actually a good defense to IGOROK and Yokozuna. As long as Willow uses sniper shot and Tsume uses double chop, a similar level IGOROK doesn't stand a chance.

2. Unfortunately, the AI might do some silly things, a fire special move attacked a less-important enemy or the wrong ones. How to handle this? At least one hero should have the attack that covers all enemy. Like whirlwind of the Stonecrusher. Group attack also sorts of bypassing the taunt.

3. Nimriel, when you are in level 40, she should probably 4 stared and ascended once or even twice. She is very efficient for enemy Tsume or other nature type tanks like Julius. You just need to hope that her attack doesn't aim to the wrong target.

4. Yokozuna. I don't like him. His sumo stump is sooo cheap, daze all targets and that is horrible. Hate to tell this, but he could be a good defender (with upgrades and ascends). His taunt, OMG, have already thwarted countless of my attacks.

5. About the initial energy. According to my observation, it should be 6. Thus moves like soul shred (7 energy) happens next round, polar punch (8 energy) happens two rounds later. If your hero can't stand that long, don't use the hero whose move requires more than 7 energy. Those moves are very powerful indeed, but they will be targeted. If you really need those moves, try Ekko's energize with 2 energy buffing to whole team (but energize itself is a 7 energy move) or Kobal's first ascension for its quick starter trait. Unfortunately, those heroes are not that strong in attack.

6. About rogues. Some rogues moves first. But as a defender, as long as the attacker is not a fast team, you will always attack first. But some times, if the enemies are tanks or armored, or Yokozuna...... Personally, I recommend Nimriel and Willow. Masuta and BD (which I don't have) are good, but there move always make the opponent's Tsume activate the savage fury (if AI failed to kill Tsume first). So think carefully.
The Greatest Evo Farming Master


  • And by the way, Nub or Yasmin is not quite recommended for me. Of course many players think Nub is very good if not the best, But I will target it first with my fire team, which is meaningless eventually. For Yasmin on the other hand, sniper shot.
    The Greatest Evo Farming Master
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