Zomm PvP Defense

As the title suggests, I'd like to know of a way to integrate Zomm into my PvP defense! I lose some, win some. I'm usually in the top 10. What I use now is Igorok 3*, Astrid 3*, Nim 3*, and Nub 2*. Each are my level (30). I usually only get beaten by people with higher power. However, I'd love to use one of my fav heroes in my defense. Here's my roster:

Igorok 3*
Astrid 3*
Nim 3*
Nub 2*
Thoxian 3*
Icepick 3*
Brom 3*
Zomm 3*
Pignius 3*
Kira 3*
Felhorn 3*
Malice 3*
Alexandros 3*
Sifu 3*
Blacksmoke 3*
Willow 2*
Nitpick 2*
Tsume 2*
Stonefist 2*
Yasmin 2*
Manglejaw 2*
Squinch 2*
Emily 2*
Balog 2*
Rocky 2*
Shadowblade 2*

Phew! The asterisks mean # of stars, ones without are just 1 star. I do what I can when it comes to offense, but I want a solid defense using Zomm if possible. Any thoughts?


  • No BD? Ouch.

    I think I would rune up Kira Astrid Zomm, run that PvP defense.
    Kira with max Att and Crit runes. Astrid max Defense, Zomm max Health & Defense.
    Maybe a few more pennies
  • I don't think you have the right heroes to use Zomm properly right now, you're missing Overlord Executum, Yorick and Pontifex, if you get these you can make a strong undead team with Brom in addition who you already own. I would just go with some AOE like IGO, Astrix, Nitpick, Icepick. If you really wanna use him though I think Kidhak's suggested team is nice. Good luck :)
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