PvP teams anyone?

Although I am new to the forums I've been playing dungeon boss for a good month now.
And I'd like my first forum post to be PvP discussion.

So whats your PvP teams? Got any strats with them? Heres mine;
Nitpick, Rogar, Archangel Emily, and Mangle Jaw.

They are an amazing sweeping team for newer players.
What I do with them is I use their Nit, Rogar and Mangle's abilities first (They all are AoEs that hit the entire enemy team if you didn't know) and naturally that does a lot of damage, and if any of my dudes die since enemy first turn, Emily is there to revive them and let them get their hit off. The only time this does not work is when the enemy is objectively better then me in every way. And even then they have to be much better then me to get wins that aren't their last dude at a tiny sliver of HP.


  • Current main team is nub, bramble, squinch, rogar. I plan to replace nub with Yoko when I get him, main goal is to get you 2 buffs off from bramble and squinch, and sweep the whole team with rogar, and even if squinch or bramble dies then rogar still does massive damage.
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  • My offensive team is different Depending on enemy lol. The one I use the most is probably yoko/ella, tsume, willow, kira, but it is subject to change a lot
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    Here's mine.
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