Beep Bop Boop… Efficiency No Longer at 100%

Noooooo!!! For the first time since I picked up the game three weeks ago, I was busy enough during the day that I could not be 100% efficient with my stamina (outside of sleeping for 8+ hours at night). And then… it happened twice! Today and yesterday were good, productive days, but I'm losing my dungeon mojo. It's really grinding my gears.
All hail the great, the mighty, the adorable Torchy!
My Hero Progression: Spreadsheet on Google Docs
(Spreadsheet shamelessly copied from @MickeNorsk and altered slightly for my own purposes. Thanks for making a great spreadsheet!)
Player Rank: 41
Shared Hero: Torchy ☆☆☆ (It's a personal statement, really.)
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