High single damage fast PVP defender advice?

So got another question that's been bugging me awhile now how do you handle a single high damage fast defender followed by AOE/Tank defenders?

For example 6* FA Willow, 6* FA Igorok, 6* FA Nitpick and 6* FA Nub Nub. I tried using Zen but he got one shotted by the Willow. Another example might be a 6* FA shadowblade on defense.

Thanks for any advice would be much appreciated!


  • If you bring Astrid (50% defense) or Aria (15% defense) with Zen your survivor chances increase greatly. Otherwise youll need to Star him up and put defensive type runes on him.

    There is always the alternative: a simple solution not knowing your roster would be Torchy (silence Igo), MK for AOE, your best AOE caster (Ponti, Igo etc. and another AOE.

    Also Kai, Icebloom, Igo, anything works too
  • Torchy Bovus Julius AOE
  • Cool thanks for that I completely forgot that astrid gives defense to healers as well. Does Torchy always survive against willow if they're same star?
  • spiffymcbangspiffymcbang Member
    edited September 2016
    I have never lost my torchy to willow even when she is 2-3 stars higher.
    I have lost my torchy to black diamond many times.
    For context - this is coming from level 53 account.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    wzang wrote: »
    Torchy Bovus Julius AOE

    Countered by Torchy > Bovus > Lady/Abigail > Ice or Nitpick depending on last defender
  • @stoningham Yes, torchy will survive since he is fire type, so Willow's sniper shot can't critical hit him
  • Cool, I wished I had gotten torchy tokens before they moved him to the honor portal not its so hard to get without farming the dungeons...
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