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    Don't know if this is FAQ worthy put I thought I'd comment anyway.

    Through here we confirmed if you double tap at the honor portal, great summon, ect. your chests just disappear but your prizes don't. For example (to better explain), if you double tapped the -500 scrolls- button at the honor portal twice, and say you got a silver just but lost another 500 scrolls, that 'lost' 500 scrolls isn't actually lost, it just summoned but didn't show.. because of the double tap? So yes, this is now confirmed, with proof on that link (he gained a magical 8 gems out of no where-which was part of a 'invisible' chest he got with the disappearing 500 scrolls).
  • @Jayyco I think this is a graphical glitch though. @dyraTANKS maybe your are interested adding this to your MYTH Buster episode 3?
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  • @Maestro5563 Yea it's something, definitely some useful info. :+1:
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