Zomm-o-rama! Quest

You can earn extra Zomm tokens by defeating Zomm via this quest. Kinda late, I realized that Zomm is showing up - sometimes! - in some of the regular campaign levels. The levels I have found so far are: chapter 3-5 stonehelm citadel; chapter 5-5 shogunate fortress; 6-6 necrotic chambers; 7-3 supply route; 9-3 the Black Forest; 12- (I forgot to write down the level number) the secret passage; 14-6 the vault. I haven't gotten to chapter 15 yet. Please add to the list if you find others!! You won't always get Zomm in the level, but you sometimes do.


  • Wait till you update the quests and you'll have to defeat Zomm 25 times to get 5 tokens. Completely unfair rewards.

  • Yikes. I am only at five defeats for thee tokens. Well....
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    @TYRANNO992 you shouldn't need to go as far as 25/5 for unlocking him by my calculations with first 5/10 and 4 event dungeons a day zomm is unlockable by the time event is over. Now if you're working on his stars that's another story.

    Actually it might require 2 10/5s ;)
  • Yeah just working for stars and it is getting too demoralizing. Zomm is showing up in these dungeons maybe 5 to 10 percent of the time. Just not fun anymore. Too bad as I really wanted to get 4 stars, but no. Lots of other things to do here!
  • Have you tried Supply Depot ( I think that is the one, it is the lower level dungeon that you farm for Valkyrie evos). I have been farming there exclusively, and my Zoom rate seems much higher than everyone else's. That is likely because there are two bosses in the end fight for Zoom to replace, so he has two chances to show.
  • Thx for the tip!!!
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