Alexandros the not so mighty (Devs pls look)

So, Alexandros seems pretty strong, and fairly well balanced. He has been showing up in the heroic portal more than ever recently, which I don't mind because I like the hero. The problem is, he just isn't good. He is about as average as you can get with a hero, and that may be what you (the Devs) are going for with him. I just wanted to post my opinion on how you could tweak him, because I see so much potential in him.
His only real issue is his first ability, which "Reflects Damage". Now, when I first saw this I thought it completely reflected that percentage of damage, so if you reflect 60% back, you take 40 percent. I think that if you were to establish that as Alex's first ability, it would make him far more viable. I understand that that could make IGOROK too powerful with his taunt, but maybe you could make a unique form of reflection for Alex only.
Alternatively, you could just boost the reflection % on his first ability up past 100%, so more damage is reflected than taken. This would have practically the same effect, but without reducing damage taken.

Thank you for reading my suggestions, and I hope you consider them, even if you don't implement these exact changes.



  • Alexandros is zero even with good runes !

  • Maybe just give all constructs Abs of Steel. That would make him a bit more sturdy. I tried him a few times in boss mode, but without Abs of Steel, and with all the 2x and 3x damage to taunters out there, and the nerf to Dagrund's EMT ability, he doesn't hold up very well.
  • Also in case you weren't aware Alex and Igo don't reflect anything when they are killed by the attack. So if you can kill the enemy in one hit reflect damage does nothing at all. Seems wrong.
  • Agreed. Alex is one of the worst heroes in the game. Even the much maligned Balog has a conceivable use...his Silence.

    Alex is worthless except as tower bait.
  • ApocalyptusApocalyptus Member
    edited October 2016
    What alexandros needs on his ability is not only to reflect damage but to also raise team Defense for the duration to make better use of his construct tag.
    Total Zomminionation.
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