Rune Theorycrafting - Runes compared to Hero Stars

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TLDR Summary:

Improved, 3 Star, Uncommon runes benefit your hero about the same amount as adding 1 star to the hero. Greater, 4 Star, Legendary runes benefit your hero about the same amount as adding 5 stars to your hero. The table above shows what level runes you'd need to achieve the same effect as having more stars on your hero.


I thought it might be useful for people to know the impact runes have on heroes compared to the impact of a higher number of stars on a hero. For example, if you are facing a PvP opponent with all 6 star heroes on their team, but with relatively low roster power (indicating they don't have runes or at least not very good runes), and your team has all 3 star heroes, but good runes, you still might be well matched against the higher star heroes.

The table above uses a Level 65 Igorak, comparing him totally un-runed at various star levels to a 1 star Igorak with runes. I know that Igorak unlocks at the 3 star level, but I just calculated what his stats would be at the 1 star level for comparison purposes. So for example, in the table you see that a 2 star Igorak, with no runes, is comparable to a 1 star Igorak with Improved, 3 Star, Uncommon runes, so those runes are worth about 1 star difference. On the far right of the table, you can see that a 1 star Igorak with Greater, 4 Star, Legendary runes is comparable to a 6 star Igorak with no runes -- so a 5 star differential can be overcome with good runes. Of course, your opponents will normally also have runes, but still thought it might be interesting to measure the value of runes compared to stars.

Note that hero level differences are much less significant that star level differences. You only add about 1.4% to your stats for each hero level you progress. However, keep in mind that if you go against a higher level opponent, you will miss more often and they will resist your spells more often as well.


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    Solid data layout. You may have seen in chat the other night when I linked my Viperia before after 5/6 stars and showed how relatively small a gain it was. This is exactly why they have been showering out free heroic summons. Stars have relatively very little value now, as runes provide such a massive stat gain. Yes every bit helps and assuming equal quality runes those last 2 stars can give you an edge, but the real question for most players is the relative price per stat gain.

    A 6th star on a hero often costs roughly $100. That $100 can buy you 10 stam bundles (Yes you'd need probably 15k gems to go along with it), but with all that stamina you can craft 15+ solid runes. The relative stat gain from those 15 runes is almost the equivalent of taking 3 heroes from 1 star to 6 for the same price as taking 1 hero from 5 stars to 6.

    The only reason I've been 6 starring heroes now is because I'm a completionist and don't have many left, but from an efficiency of money standpoint, spending on runes gives SIGNIFICANTLY greater gain than spending on heroic summons for tokens.
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  • @MattCauthron -- You are spot on there. Still makes sense to add stars, but probably to do so more naturally through quests and such, rather than spending $ on token bundles/summons, and as you say, if you are going to spend, do so to get better runes.

    I'm a completionist also, so will still work towards getting everything 6 starred, but won't be in as big a hurry as I would have prior to runes coming on the scene.
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