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  • @flyingpizzacats you forgot to mention torchy's silence
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  • @Phillipriv9 torchy didn't have silence at the time this guide was written
  • It helped me a lot, since i stopped to play like 1 year and backing now. I have 3 accounts lv 50 but i'm recreating one, cuz i was getting smack on pvp when in time when i played i was in rank 3 every tourny xD
    So i'm thanksfull for this guide
    *Sorry for my english*
  • PvP favors the pay to win crowd. There is no reason to do it if you don't have a full roster of overpowered heroes. They should make it an option and never put PvP requirements in quests.
  • Do not forget to add shade to the list of fast heroes as he is a major game changer (I even wrote a PVP guide, bear in mind it is subject to change.)
    Total Zomminionation.
  • Do not forget to add shade to the list of fast heroes as he is a major game changer (I even wrote a PVP guide, bear in mind it is subject to change.)

    Shade is overrated... on defense Shade always attack BD, so fully def runed BD teamed with fully attack runed MK destroys any Shade defense and offense.
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  • RawNES wrote: »
    And now it's time to unsticky this thread.

    Current Ultimate PvP Guide:

    Whatever you do, do not PvP.

    TL;DR: RUN!

  • Current Ultimate PvP Guide:

    if (your level == 70 && you have lots of gems) {
    do PvP!
    } else {

    @VioletLyra fixed it.
  • Hahahahahahaha
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    My comments on previous discussion here in the forum to say that I fully agree that the runes runs the game and especially in pvp as it doesn't matter any more if you are level 55 or 70 or if your heroes have 3 or 6 stars as long as you stuff your heroes full of rare runes which you easily can buy in stead of battling your way to get it... but if the company gets more money out of it then I assume they think it is a success. So what is the point in aiming for leveling your hero to 6*? The level of your hero should have considerably more influence compared with how it is working now. I have played for more than a year and are at level 70... in some cases I can easily be whippet away by attacker less than level 60 and with 3* team which makes no sense just because I refuse to spend a fortune on the big runes even though I do have some.
  • Any suggestions on dealing with Kai? He's on every team now and is making it almost impossible to win. Any thoughts on defeating him in PVP?
  • And what is AOE?
  • mikeg101 wrote: »
    And what is AOE?
    "Area of Effect." Basically it's the ability to hit multiple targets.
  • mikeg101 wrote: »
    Any suggestions on dealing with Kai? He's on every team now and is making it almost impossible to win. Any thoughts on defeating him in PVP?

    Use heroes that do high single target damage, like Shadowblade. Kai's first debuff attack won't reduce that damage.

  • Awsome guide mate.

    I am pretty new here, wondered if anyone could help me setup a defence and offence group with my current heroes.
    Who I should level up and who to drop :blush:
    Would be very much appreciated.

    The heroes I got for now is :

    I do think my strongest ones are : Nitpick, Phemus, Tsume, Willow Swift, Koros, Chief NubNub and Bovus El Doro.

    All tips with what I current have are very much welcome.

    Love Sweet16 :kissing_closed_eyes:

    @vartdalffs aka Sweet16
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  • Quick question!

    Do runes that boost attack affect the damage from my caster skills? Like Kobals aoe skill?
  • GibasGibas Member
    Phantasmos wrote: »
    Quick question!

    Do runes that boost attack affect the damage from my caster skills? Like Kobals aoe skill?

    Yes. Skills don't do fixed damage. Even though in the description of the abilities it says the damage it does, that one is the base damage, not influenced by your attack, opponent's defense and many other variables.
  • Man how many times can one thread be necro'ed? Can we just let this one rest in peace already?
  • No
  • Chapter 2


    Choosing Your Heroes

    This part could have been mostly done away with before the update because certain offensive teams could beat almost anything. However, with defenses that are much harder to beat, you will find yourself losing to teams that might even be weaker than you if you do not choose your heroes wisely. Each hero that you pick should have a role and you should think about whether that hero will survive long enough to fulfill its role and be able to carry it out successfully. To really get a grasp of these roles, you will need experience against many different teams and have experience using your heroes against those teams. Here are some examples of roles, in no particular order:

    Black Diamond: Moderate aoe damage with high crit chance, meant to hurt/kill mid speed/slow heroes, +crit to light
    Masuta Kira: Same as Black Diamond, slightly higher damage, less crit, undead killer
    Willow Swift: Kill Yoko/Igorok/Tsume, give nature +hp
    Torchy: Kill Bovus/Julius/Tsume, tank Willow, give beast +damage
    Shadowblade: Kill Tsume/Igorok/Yoko, survive against two-rogue teams, high survivability from dodge

    ~~Mid Speeds~~
    Igorok: Take a lot of damage, deal heavy water aoe damage, and then freeze them
    Tsume: Take damage and give heavy nature aoe damage, give nature +atk
    Archangel Emily: Take damage and revive tsume, immunity to status effects
    Abigail the Brutal: Buff your following aoes and kill Tsume/Julius
    Lady Nimriel: Kill Tsume/Nub Nub/tanks and daze, resist status effects
    Yokozuna: Buff team defense, give warriors +health, daze enemies, take damage
    Bovus El Doro: Moderate nature aoe damage, give warriors +health
    Sir William: Keep important water heroes alive longer like Igorok with +def, taunt
    Yasmin Bloom: Similar to William but +hp, probably won't live long enough to heal unless paired with William, can act as cannon fodder
    Cruel King Bramble: Same as Abigail, but have bulk instead of kill tsume, good on goblin team
    Squinch: Same as Bramble, but burning enemies for extra DoT, warrior and taunt hunter
    Pontifex Mortis: Moderately heavy dark AoE damage and +atk and +def for undead
    Ella Ametryst: Charm low health Tsume, charm lady nimriel for tank Hunter, etc. high crit, can act as cannon fodder
    Sifu Jhianzi: High, armor ignoring single target damage, bulkiest hero that can dodge first round
    Mangle Jaw: +atk for beasts, moderate fire aoe damage, burning aoe (after round 1)
    Nitpick: Similar to Mangle Jaw, not as bulky, boosts fire heroes instead of beasts, burns on round 1, can act as cannon fodder
    Lupina: +crit for beasts, supports aoe damage, can act as cannon fodder
    Alexandros: belongs on a bulky team meant to counter rogue teams
    Samurai Takumi: Can't miss, Can chill after stampede to stop enemy skills, good as a moderately bulky, armored water damage dealer
    Ingus The Mad: Immune to Torchy, Mangle, Squinch, Nitpick, and himself, can act as cannon fodder
    Overlord Executum: Good tank and is the bane of all light heroes (except Alex). Works well with undead
    Julius: BARRELS. And +atk and crit for beasts
    Therand Fiddlestrom: Can't miss, dazes enemy, moderate water aoe damage, extra damage to armored
    Rogar Stonecrusher: Same as therand but for fire and can't daze, but more bulky. Good against rogues
    Kobal The Pestilent: Disease enemies (lower attack and defense and skill), moderate aoe damage, can act as cannon fodder
    Ekko: Immune to Pontifex, Executum (unconfirmed), Lupina, Balog, Phemus, and Dhaegon (unconfirmed). Gives your heroes ascended skills sooner, +crit
    Selwyn The Enduring: Freeze enemies, moderate water aoe damage, immune to freeze, can act as cannon fodder
    Jabber Clenchjaw: Heavy nature single attack, high crit, works well on beast team, can act as cannon fodder
    Dagrund Blacksmoke: Can't miss, can be useful to take out light rogues, get a hero an ascended skill early and heal
    Zurk: Can work well on goblin team
    Dhaegon Stonecrusher: Same as Rogar but light damage. And he's way cooler, so old school.

    Nub Nub: Support for goblins, good vs slow, bulky teams
    King Yorick: Mark a bulky hero, like Igorok, to make easier to kill. Works well on bulky team to last past round 1
    Life Reaper Brom: Take damage, moderately heavy aoe, works well on undead team
    Phenol Thoxian: Moderately heavy nature aoe that poisons. Can taunt, works well on nature team.
    Stonefist: Heavy single target damage, reduces team attack and defense, can taunt. Works well on bulky team
    Balog: Moderate dark aoe, can prevent enem(y/ies) from using ascended skill(s).
    Phemus: Fairly bulky, heavy single target damage, works well with nature team
    Lord Zomm: Works very well on undead team, moderately heavy single target damage that is supposed to lower energy


  • Where r the other heroes, like Grog-Nog, Kai Makani etc...? Some people use them & need 2 find more info about them!
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    You realize this post is two years old and woefully out of date, right? There have been many new heroes released since this thread was last relevant.
  • Or you can just spend tons of money
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    Why do i have to fight level 80s when im level 74, once i get to legend its over, nothing is fun. level 80s need their own bracket for the love of everything. I know there isnt a shortage of people from levels 70-78 this match making is abusive plain and simple. No way im paying to refresh just to fight level 80 valkin team and now theres aoe silence so i have to go on either auto attack wars or same team battles using dagrund and my own lesser versions of dwarves to cleanse against teams that are capped and fully energized. Even if i had the exact same level of runes theres no way that isnt a handicap.
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