Best pve / pvp setup

What is your setup and why?


  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Whatever gives me the best gold multiplier bonus.
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  • Webber91Webber91 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I use Tsume LadyNimriel Willow and ChiefNubNub that's my winning combonation
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  • meowstaa_meowstaa_ Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I run shadowblade, diamond(willow), nim and tsume on attack.
    However this setup needs adjustments based on the defense.
    Heroes I consider threats that must be taken out before they make a move that can harm this team (In order of potential threat): Yoko, Nim, Tsume, Nub
    Shadowblade and diamond(willow) are for quick kill of an enemy before they make a move.
    If the enemy team runs both Nim and Tsume, I usually kill Nim first as it can potentially 1hko my tsume, then I go for tsume with get over here which usually grants a 1hko.
    Tsume is essential for most if not every battle, thus everything that pose a threat to it (mainly just Nim, rogar is unable to 1hko tsume, neither can abigail) must be eliminated ASAP. Soul shred deals with Alex, Evasions and even Voodoo chants if you let nub slip, aside from dealing massive damage.
    Nim is put behind tsume to finish up tank enemies/ slow enemis such as stonefist, brom, nub etc.
    Flaws to this team? you will NOT be able to defeat a team that runs YOKO, NIM, and TSUME simultaneously (rare but I've seen a few) Yoko is top on my priority list to kill, it dazes and raises defense. Thus yoko must be killed first. As a result, there is a great chance that nim will target tsume and kill him, leaving this team crippled with low attack power.
    Another thing to watch for is other fast characters on defense, enemies that run willow/shadowblade/diamond can easily 1hko your black diamond. However most cases it won't be a huge loss as teams who run fast characters are rather fragile and can be taken care of rather easily with tsume.

    This setup obliterates any non-fast non-nim setups, two fast heroes can immediately take out the biggest threat on the enemy team, Tsume for team damage and nim for cleanup. And it's flaws can often be avoided by simply not raiding people with teams that counter well.
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