cutting bandages?

does anyone know how to do this, I cant figure anything out for it.


  • What type of enemy would make bandages?
  • lol a healer I presume, I was thinking it was fight using emily

  • Kill some healers :)
  • Yay. Healers are the one enemy type that don't have a level where they exclusively appear. At least 20-2 is full of Emily clones.
  • ItchytorturepoxItchytorturepox Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Not sure how many updates I got per play, but I think 17-2 was healer exclusive.
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  • ...Oh yeah, I forgot that monks are healers too. Yeah, that's one. That and the final Chapter 17 level, since it's all Runemasters (around 20 of them).
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