kai makani

how to win him?
when i vs him no way to win.
why hes a fast hero he to much op..


  • He is bugged right now, which sometimes causes a 100% AoE dmg reduction instead of 70%.
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    To defeat Kai, you must first become Kai.
  • Atmoe wrote: »
    He is bugged right now, which sometimes causes a 100% AoE dmg reduction instead of 70%.
    im talking about the effect of is skill

  • Use single target attackers. Torchy to silence their first normal, then line up your best single hitters with element advantages. For example, Abigail against nature, Zomm against light, Augustus against demons, Jabber against water, etc.
  • Lupina and Ella are great vs Kai defenses, too.

    If Kai is teamed up with the Furnace then you need Augustus or Malice to get rid of the taunt effect. Then deal with the damage dealers, then Kai, the Furnace last.

    But if you see this ...
    ...then you better choose another defense to raid. I have no clue how to beat it :blush:

  • Demons do pretty good against him.
  • To add what has already been offered...

    You have to think about what Kai's running mates will do to your team while Kai's abilities are active. Kai is all about defense and his abilities are very strong in that regards.

    Usually with a Kai led defense, I consider if I can outlast the defense via debuffing them (i.e. with my own Kai for example) and healing/sustaining for the first two rounds.

  • zurk, ametryst zomm and augustus are my go to team for any team with kai
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  • A runed Kozar boosted by ember laughs at the puny 70% Kai reduction.
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