Hero Spotlight: Pignius Maximus



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    Weird. I always thought pignus was nature... maybe thats just because ive been fighting a ton of nature pigs in campaign...


    How well would rocky the shitake work with pignus? Quadruple attacks from Mangle and Julius?

    Not the best set up unless the 2 other heroes on the team are nature. If you want a team to super destroy bosses for example a water boss then use ekko tsume julies nubnub. The turn before boss use energize, julies 3rd skill, and have nubnub haste ekko.

    On boss use ekko electric storm to shock him, julies will attack after, then ekko 3rd skill with julies attack again, tsume spreading fear with yet another julies attack, julies 2nd skill, and nubnub auto attack with the final julies hit. In this rotation the shocked and feared boss will be hit 4 times by ekko, 3 times by tsume, 5 times by julies, and 1 time by nubnub for a total of 13 hits with 12 of them triggering the shock debuff that usually does around 1000 dmg at my level not including fear bonus.

    My water boss strategy is: Goblin Dance Party -> Chaos Howl -> Mark of death -> wild swing -> click on chest
  • Any input on how to rune pignius for PvP and pve?
  • My current setup is:

    Red Champion (Atk + Def)
    Red Vampiric (frequent swings trigger lifesteal often)
    Green Tactics
    Light Champion DR + Electric Skin (This is extremely valuable)
    Dark Bulwark

    I'm not going to claim it's optimal, but I think it's in the ballpark. As mentioned, the way Beasts all defend each other the I feel the lifesteal pays off. In addition, if you're running Solaris and get the benefit of starting taunt, the electric skin can improve damage by a significant amount. If you don't have that one, just keep an eye on the Honor shop, it will rotate around again at some point. Until then, a regular Aegis rune will do. I like the tactics rune not just for the crit, but also the skill bonus for both the fire and electric passives.
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