Guild Spotlight: Iron Brigade Family

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With all the awesome guilds we have running around, we wanted to take some time to spotlight some of the most active ones here on the forum. If you’re a guild leader and are interested in being interviewed for a future guild spotlight, contact Joel or Joveth via direct message.

This week we're spotlighting two guilds in the same family: Iron Brigade and Iron Brigade XTRA

Guild Stats at a Glance:
  • Guild Name:
    1. Iron Brigade (est March 2016)
    2. Iron Brigade Xtra (est August 2016)
  • Guild Leader and Officers: Everybody in the Iron Brigade is an officer rank since we are all proven crown getters. It is tough to single out just a few people since everybody does their part. We will go with the longest tenured and most active in the Line chat.
    1. GM IB: tphilly5
    2. GM IBX: fph (Chief Motivation Officer and Recruiter)
    3. Strategy and Communications: DodderyTone
    4. Strategy: Woodman27, Slammma, Reefus
    5. Graphics and Archive: JadedBelle
    6. Crafts and Humor: Amsara
    7. Entertainment: VenomKitty
    8. Officer of Nice: RubyQueen
    9. IBX Officers: Zebain, theproneweb
  • Guild Motto:
    1. Iron Brigade: Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work.
    2. Iron Brigade Xtra: Too much awesomeness for just one guild.
  • Guild Rank:
    1. Iron Brigade: 30
    2. Iron Brigade Xtra: 75
  • Total Trophies:
    1. Iron Brigade: 1,881,922
    2. Iron Brigade Xtra: 754,656
    3. Total: 2,636,578
  • Total Power:
    1. Iron Brigade: 8,600,181
    2. Iron Brigade Xtra: 5,751,927
    3. Total: 14,352,108

About the Guild:

How did the guild get its name?

No big story. Iron Brigade has historical significance and it sounded like a cool name for this type of game. Brigade is also one of those words that makes a person think of teamwork and camaraderie.

What’s your guild’s style? What do you focus on?

Our guilds are more relaxed than some of the other high performers. We focus on having fun and gathering crowns. We are a diverse group of different aged people located all around the world with levels in the 40s all the way up to 70. We don’t require Line participation or a certain number of Trophies or Power. If you are willing to work together and share knowledge to accomplish objectives then the Iron Brigade guilds is the place for you. Our next big objectives are to get IB into the top 10 and IBX over the 9k mark.

What’s your guild games strategy? How do you rally everyone?

We have a motivated bunch that enjoys working together so it is usually just a matter of getting the word out that an event is going on. Back during the first guild event we did not even have enough level 60s to participate so we have come a long way.

Are you recruiting?

Yes. Most of the recruiting these days is handled by GM fph in Iron Brigade Xtra. We look to promote from within whenever there are openings. There have been some ‘colorful’ ads placed in the DB Forum. Creating a second guild has made it possible for the IB to crash through the 10k mark on a consistent basis.

Do you have any funny or exciting stories about your guild that you’d like to share?

Most of the funny and exciting stuff happens in the Line App. It is literally like the old TV show Cheers. The regulars occupy their same seats for hours a day sharing pictures, stories, banter, recipes, news, travel, and life events. We have at least three couples in the guilds so it can get quite interesting. Of course there is also a lot of Dungeon Boss strategy, tips, and information going on. We maintain a notes section with the serious DB stuff. Many other folks stop in during the day and we also get occasional browsers. It makes the game even more fun and ‘everybody knows your name’.

Does your guild have an arch-rival guild? Who and why?

Not really, but there was some fun discussion with Satiated Gorgon over which guild was hotter in some recruiting threads on the DB Forum.

If your guild had a hero as its mascot, which hero would it be and why?

Ponti. He can take a beating but comes back for more good as new.

If your guild were to have its own dungeon, what would the dungeon be called?

Iron Works Hill…A Revolutionary War Battle that took place in New Jersey

What’s the best piece of advice you can give on how to run a successful guild?

Maintain perspective. It has to be fun. 50 is a lot of people so expect the unexpected. The group is more important than any individual.

For IBX we use a mix of humor and motivation to keep the pressure low. Also using our and we instead of I and you seems to help. The benefit of a worldwide guild is that somebody is usually around to help out in guild chat no matter what time it is.

Is there anything else that you want to say about your guild?

Dungeon Boss is a really good game. The experience is greatly enhanced by being in a good guild and making friends from all over the world. The Line app allows us to know a lot more about each other than just a screen name.
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