Level 62 daily player looking for a clan. Details inside. Thanks.

Hi to everyone.

The reason of this topic is that I am currently looking for an active clan, since i don´t have one at the present moment.
Last two I joined had half of there members inactive for weeks/months or missing.

First, let me tell you what type of player I am, and what I offer to a clan.
I play all the days, several times, since I started. And that was 163 days ago.
I´m level 62, and have 125k team power (that purple knucke thing).
But i´m not a Hardcore player, or one that is connected all day in the chat.
Somedays i can play 1 hour, other days i can play 3 hours while doing other things.
I usually get 100-140 crowns a week. So if you want me to get 150-160 crown a week i´m not your man.
I really don´t like the clans where the MOTD is get 1xx crowns a week or we´ll kick you out.
MOTD should be something nice or fun. Maybe encouraging.

Well you now know who I am, and how i play. Now i´ll tell you what i look in a clan:
- Active clan, i don´t mind if you have only 25 members if they are active.
- I don´t look for a top 20 clan, i´m not that good, I feel a top 250 would be nice.
- I don´t want to be an officer, only find an active clan, where you can ask and get answered.
- And you already know how many crowns i get every week.

Anyone interested, please reply to this topic, i´ll come to see the result in a few days.
Thanks for reading, because i know your time is precious.

Feel free to ask me anything


  • +1 for just being upfront.

    While we are looking for 180+, just wanted to say best of luck in your search!
  • Hello @kresnic

    I'm an officer for Blackiron and we would love to have you with us.

    If you click the link above, you'll have the information you need. But just to make things easier for you, here's a quick summary...

    Our guild was created by Zombi of the amazing guild Level Capped. If you haven't heard about him, he's a very experienced player who is kind enough to share a lot of useful content with the DB community.

    Players of all levels are with us. We have a very active LINE group (presence on LINE is therefore mandatory) and that's mostly where we chat. We're a friendly, easy-going, helpful bunch.

    We do have a requirement of 120+ crowns weekly. You say you get between 100-140... We would need you to commit to 120. I know you've mentioned you're not a hardcore player but 120 crowns is fairly easy. The reason why we've set that goal is quite simple: we want to keep reaching 6k and get the great rewards that comes with it.

    What else? We're currently a top 100 guild. And very proud of that recent achievement since we are relatively new.

    If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach me in private here or on LINE (which is a free chat app). My ID is violetlyra

    And if we're not what you're looking for... Hope you find the right guild for you! :)

  • @VioletLyra thanks for your offer.

    I don´t know any of you, but i would like to.
    I don´t have Line, but I´m installing it right now.
    I wasn´t aiming for a top 100 clan, but i will give my best.
    I hope i can fit in your clan.

    Thanks for your time. And for your help.
  • @kresnic that's great! I'm sure you will feel at home with us. :)

    Looking forward to have you in Blackiron.
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