Need help! Ch 10 infernal bastion

Can't seem to get pass this in challenge mode.. need a good team.. any suggestions?


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    edited November 2016
    The bosses are a green and purple demon. One has a fire vulnerability, the other one is a light hunter. They have a lot of HP, can use disease, and hit very hard. The rest of the mob is all green beasts (warriors), demons (casters), and mages with poison debuffs. The beasts are fire hunters.

    In general a tank, healer, and 2 damage dealers should work.

    • Yoko (for DEF boost and daze debuff). He is a water hero. Do not use taunt!
    • NubNub because Yasmin has elemental disadvantage, and Light healers like Augustus are vulnerable to Light hunter
    • Mangle Jaw (fear! and fire damage)
    • Nitpick (passively boosts Mangle, does even more fire damage)

    Other options are:
    • Astrid: a very good choice because she is a Fire hero and Demon Hunter.
    • Squinch (fire debuffs, Cheap Shot and Warrior Hunter trait).
    • And because there a so many casters: Zurk (and of course a complete goblin team with Bramble).

    Or just use Kobal (he can solo the previous rooms if stuffed with ATK runes), Then decorade the bosses with debuffs and use Squinch's cheap shot:

    Keep in mind: stars, levels, ascensions and runes matter. (Just noticed that I need to ascend and rune up my Lady Nimriel)
    A0.jpg 261.6K
    A1.jpg 270.8K
  • Thanks Schnuppe that yoko, nubnub, mangle jaw, nitpick team worked perfectly!
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